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    “The greatest happiness is to scatter your enemy, to drive him before you, to see his cities reduced to ashes, to see those who love him shrouded in tears, and to gather into your bosom his wives and daughters.”

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  1. It should be noted, no kittens were killed in the production of this graphic. Stunt goats wearing cat costumes were used instead.
  2. We voted to do whaaaaaat? To paraphrase Roger Waters, "Is there anybody in here?"
  3. Question: Is a pedocapriphile one who likes kids? /we're doomed
  4. Not gunpoint. Meds. And pictures. Incriminating pictures. All is well. /returns to the retirement home for old subbys
  5. Better late than never. Welcome to the fray.
  6. WHAT!?! I don't even.... (take a nap for a year and the world turns upside down and sideways) The treaty web has always been a series of Gordian knots. This treaty appears to continue that tradition. Congrats to all who worked this little slice of diplomatic magic. /I would be remiss if I did not remind you that we're all doomed!
  7. ​head pounding, eyes unfocused, mouth feels like a horde of visigoths had camped overnight... oh yeah it's another great morning... It is great to see our new drinking buddies growing and thriving on this goat-infested Planet Bob. /mixes a Bloody Mary to shake the cobwebs.
  8. Of all the crass and vulgar threads in here, I've never.... /we're doomed //grats to the suckers cat herders
  9. What an honor to be the 100,000th visitor. This post sponsored by /we're doomed (again)
  10. Now that I've had a good sith, time to replenish the fiber with some Orange. /fiber is important for us old timers
  11. I never thought this day would come. IRON was a worthy adversary. I hope now we can become even better friends.
  12. Dang, and I was enjoying retirement. The freedom loving people of Farkistan will not stand for this! TO ARMS /going wireless, no more Cable
  13. I warned .gov that locking MiniTru from having computer access was not going to work. And again I'm proven right. /Well done. One of the best announcements ever. //as for the new Council, WE'RE DOOMED ///but you all already knew that ////Ogaden, love your sig. You honor cowards rather than revile them. Very magnanimous of you.
  14. As for Nukie, he got himself some fancy wedding duds recently. It seems RL has him completely in thrall. As for our new gov, we are doomed. As for pictures, I managed a screen grab of a surveillance camera I had installed in the Subby's office. /I should have known better than to have used Monster cables. //I guess I should not have mentioned the sekrit surveillance cameras... camera.. just that one.. no others.
  15. [quote name='Avakael' timestamp='1358655624' post='3080655'] Will Fark continue their protection of Umbrella at this time? [/quote] Alas, that protectorate lapsed. And now the winds of change blow. The rains fall in torrents. And our glasses are again empty. Priorities. Hail Hobo, our Homeless Overlord.
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