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The Mystic Battle Tribe!

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The Mystic Battle Tribe




Charter :


Preamble :

The Mystic Battle Tribe is a new alliance on the yellow team with focus on power and prosperity through the challenges of battle. Each and every member holds power in the alliance that assists Tribe Chieftains in decision making. Each Nation will hold its power and autonomy with added benefits of protection and opportunity for growth.


Glory to the Tribe!


Article I : Certified Technology.

All nations must respect and honor tech deals with timely foreign aid. 


Any nation that refuse or ignore requests to send the tech they owe will be dealt with by any means necessary.


Article II : Chain of Command.

The Tribe Chieftains are the acting rulers of the tribe. They have final decision on all matters within the tribe.


Any changes or decisions must have the majority of Tribe Chieftains approval before anything happens.


All Tribe members can and are encouraged to voice their opinions on all matters they feel necessary to help the Tribe Chieftains in decision making.


Article III : Tech Raiding and War Policy.

Any nation that is affiliated with an alliance should not be attacked until approval is gained from a tribe chieftain.


Nations that are without an alliance or affiliation are free game in regards to tech raiding and plundering.


Links :


Alliance Link



Current Leadership : 


Meng Hao - Tribe Chieftain

King Kujo - Tribe Chieftain





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