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The Complaints and Grievances Union

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10 Years of Complaints & Grievances

10 years ago today, the 7 alliances you can't say on Planet Bob, facing certain annihilation, formed the longest lasting, most influential, and greatest MADP bloc in history.


Born into a world of sycophants, hangers-on, and yes-men preoccupied with their individual safety, only the Complaints and Grievances Union looked the NPO hegemony in the eye and said, "No."


We knew the world could be a better place.  We knew the bonds of friendship and unyielding loyalty were stronger than the shackles and chains of fear. We also knew the better world of which we dreamt would not happen overnight.


We knew there would be consequences. 



Friends > Infra became our rallying cry against the corruption of the noCB War and the contemptible reparations demanded of us from a defensive war. 


Though forced to surrender, C&G won a great strategic victory, giving the world a glimpse of a better future where loyalty and comradery supplant fear and brute force.


In the aftermath of noCB, many began to question if new ties with independent and undeniably loyal C&G alliances were preferable to relationships with failing, bootlicking alliances like GGA, IRON, TPF, NATO, Echelon, and literally everyone from the !@#$hole that is purple.



The world began to change.


Complaints and Grievances welcomed the like-minded alliances of Vanguard and the Greenland Republic into thefreeworld, building on a modern foundation of friendship and loyalty and not the archaic 'meatshield' structure of older blocs.


The NPO and their lackeys tried in vain to claw back the power slipping from their grasp, but Complaints and Grievances, with new found friends, fanned the spark of independence into the flame of Karma and ushered in a new era that saw the death of the Continuum and NPO's hegemony.


Our very existence no longer under constant threat from NPO's hegemony, C&G continued to grow, joined by our new friends in the Federation of Buccaneers and the Orange Defense Network.


Now at the height of our power and influence, Complaints and Grievances found ourselves preemptively attacked by The Order of the Paradox and various garbage alliances like IRON, TSO, TORN, and their ilk all looking to carve off a pound of flesh.



Once again, the strength of our friendship and loyalty saw C&G through the fire and to victory.


The International and the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization became the newest additions to C&G as time progressed and the world continued to change.


The Mushroom Kingdom had long since departed the bloc, but remained closely tied.  Athens, =LOST=, and Greenland Republic merged to form The Last Remnants.  The old leadership slipped away and new leaders stood up to take the reigns.  Atlas joined before eventually merging into GATO and the Sovereign League of Armed Powers became the newest member almost 9 years after the original signatories put pen to paper.


We fought wars we won.  We fought wars we lost.  We fought wars we can't even remember. 

Flags changed, leaders changed, alliances changed, and the world changed.

Through it all we've never wavered in our resolve, never shirked a responsibility, and most importantly never strayed from our core principles.


I want to shout out everyone I can remember who has made C&G a special group over the years.  If you feel left out, please reach out during regular business hours.

Airme, Stormsend, Archon, lebubu, Trace, SirWilliam, Wargarden, Ninmeister, Hombre De Murcielago, yesitsbobby, Devilyn Caster, Londo Mollari, Lightning Delta, rushsykes, Jgoods, Head penguin, MoK, Stumpy Jung Il aka trashcat aka King of Purple , Wing01, Corrupt, James, Ezto, Denial, QTUN, Rafa Nadal, Napoleon, Negev, user drai, Shamedmonkey, Ilselu1, Al, Virillus, Kestral, Sal, Shinpah, Jacko, eZe, OsRavan, Arsenal, Sunstar, Joracy, Merlin, Banksy, FinnishCommie, Trotsky, Voodoo Nova, Mandellav, letub, Laslo Kenez, magicninja, and stumpy again just for good measure


Special thanks to anyone in 2008-2009 NPO high gov.  Couldn't have done it without you guys!


As always, our hours of operation are from 12:59pm to 1pm and we look forward to fielding all your complaints and grievances.


To C&G!




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There are very precious few events that change the course of history on any planet in the Universe. This was one such instance of changing the course of history on Planet Bob. I am proud of my time, accomplishments, and friendships that came out of this endeavor. Alliances and blocs have and may continue to come and go, but at a base level, there was never, ever, a closer group than this and there will never be again. 

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Sitting here with a big smile on my face thinking of all the fun times we had together and kinda sorta wishing we could back to when CN was at its prime. I hope you’re all doing well in life and I miss speaking with most of you you.

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We've been around a long time. Thank you for your post rsox :)

I would personally like to thank people that stood out to me in the last five years. Thank you, Alexio, Wes, OsRavan (again), Greywall, Kestral (again), Banned, Hershey, CRV, , Buco, Nikolay, White Chocolate, Kiloist, soultak3r1, and Momentum for your contributions to CnG. I'm probably also leaving out people.



Feel free to join us in the CnG discord channel if you want to chat.


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4 minutes ago, AirMe said:

Not very. I remember you. 

Aww, hey boss.


In all seriousness, for most of my "active" CN career(not really sure what to "" here) I lobbied and spoke for CnG. o/


Forever Ronin though <.<

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C&G was the best bloc ever. Never forget. Thank you BDrocks for having one of the best images from the TOP war in 2010. I lost in my old harddrive. C&G was the best thing to happen to ODN and was the highlight of my time in this world.

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