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    Joint Declaration FTW

    FTW ❤️ CLAWS ❤️ War ❤️
  2. Masterchief777

    The Brewers Sucks Accords

    You can't be a former mi6 member and then talk to us about making better choices. 😕
  3. Masterchief777

    The Brewers Sucks Accords

    Very nice to see this up. o/
  4. Masterchief777

    the new hedgemony

    Best of luck
  5. Masterchief777

    MHA Declaration of War

    Not when you are in peace mode, of course. Well at least one of you should try and activate it.
  6. Masterchief777

    MHA Declaration of War

    But don't you fear the wrath of XX?
  7. Masterchief777

    A new power rises

    New Emerald Order
  8. Masterchief777

    GATO Announcement

    Depraved isn't the best example, he already tried to kill us and failed. Rumblings from Shinras grave can be heard throughout the cyberverse.
  9. Masterchief777

    GATO Announcement

    I know some people from 2006 spinning in their grave that we awarded a Pacifican, their Emperor no less, with honorary membership. I'm glad things have changed and our alliances are closer than ever. Congratulations to all the recipients! The only way we can recruit to WAE is by forcing awarding membership to people not on our AA
  10. Masterchief777

    The Praetorian Covenant

    The Praetorian Covenant Global Alliance and Treaty Organization General Assembly of GATO Assembly Chairman, Tevron Deputy Assembly Chairman, WANA Minister of Administration: Overlord Wes Minister of Defense: Greywall Minister of Domestic Affairs: Dragonsphyre Minister of Finance: Crv24 Minister of Foreign Affairs: Saxplayer The Legion Imperator - deathbiter Consul of Defense and Foreign Affairs- tom the pit leader Consul of Internal and Economic Affairs- Alexander Kerensky Elected Imperator Emeritus- Konkrage Elected Imperator Emeritus- Regent Pancras
  11. Masterchief777

    Eagles, Wolves & Dragons!

    I love this, very nice to see. Congrats to everyone.
  12. Masterchief777

    This Cat has CLAWS

    This is beautiful.
  13. Masterchief777

    Santa CLAWS is Coming to Town

    o/ Pacifica o/ CLAWS
  14. Masterchief777

    Happy Friday the 13th

    o/ Very happy to see this posted and excited for your future.
  15. Masterchief777

    A Farewell to Arms

    God speed. Was a pleasure being allied with you all.
  16. Masterchief777

    The Global Freehold Announcement

    o/ The Global Freehold
  17. Masterchief777

    The Complaints and Grievances Union

    It was always hard to read comments from anyone in NSO, such a big shadow casted over them.
  18. Masterchief777

    The Complaints and Grievances Union

    CnG was, is and will always be completely terrible. Cheers to another 10 years.
  19. Masterchief777

    Good Enough.

  20. Masterchief777

    Declaration of War

    Everyone here just saw DeathAdder treat you like the child you are.
  21. Masterchief777

    Da WAE

    U tink u no da wae but u do not no da wae. Only me and my brudahs no da wae, da wae of uGATOan people. Its part of our culture, our wae of life and wae of communicating. *Mass meowing noises* Now lemme shoe u da wae before I spit on da non believas who follow fake queens. I spit on their fake queen as well. ..... GATO turns 12 today and like an alcholic refusing to leave the bar... our determination has kept us going. Through the years I have been honored to serve alongside the brilliant minds within our General Assembly and together we have all built a culture and institution worth sustaining. Many names have come and gone, wars won and lost. This is the annual reminder that regardless of the scars of time and whatever lies ahead... we will still be sitting here at the bar waiting for our next drink. There isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said through the previous years. Our alliance has experinced hardships and trials that have made lesser alliances fold. We've seen some !@#$ and know there is always more !@#$ to come. In this cynically depressive world where we wait for things to die, GATO still looks fondly toward the future and hopeful that new history will be written by the scratches of our claws. Thank you to all members of the General Assembly and all our friends and allies. It has truly been an amazing ride through time with you. Cheers more things ahead and follow us for da wae. Strength in Unity, Honour in Justice... forever and ever. -Crv24 Assembly Chairman
  22. Masterchief777

    Declaration of War

    You kicked me off the SNX AA but it doesn't matter anymore and I could frankly careless, I'm just glad you still think so fondly of me when I think of you so very little.
  23. Masterchief777

    Declaration of War

    Don't worry, I won't have to keep sanctioning you once your friend finally loses his seat. That should help with some of the spam in your inbox.
  24. Masterchief777

    Declaration of War

    Looking forward to seeing GATO and SLAP spend some time on the battlefield. o/
  25. Masterchief777

    FTW Announcements

    Hey hes not that bad... its just that weird smell from time to time. No one can claim WAE away from us but congratulations on your milestones.