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  1. Here's to the next 15 years.
  2. I hate all of you. Death to the infidels and what not.
  3. I've waited years to finally see this. What a waste of my life. o/ RFI
  4. Sad to finally see SNX go, despite what many have said about the early days, I had fun.
  5. Alexio on your AA is always a good reason to disband. ❤️
  6. The spirit of Kublakhan is now at rest. Best of luck to CnG moving forward.
  7. You can't be a former mi6 member and then talk to us about making better choices. 😕
  8. Not when you are in peace mode, of course. Well at least one of you should try and activate it.
  9. Depraved isn't the best example, he already tried to kill us and failed. Rumblings from Shinras grave can be heard throughout the cyberverse.
  10. I know some people from 2006 spinning in their grave that we awarded a Pacifican, their Emperor no less, with honorary membership. I'm glad things have changed and our alliances are closer than ever. Congratulations to all the recipients! The only way we can recruit to WAE is by forcing awarding membership to people not on our AA
  11. I love this, very nice to see. Congrats to everyone.
  12. o/ Very happy to see this posted and excited for your future.
  13. God speed. Was a pleasure being allied with you all.
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