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  1. Greetings everyone, A few weeks ago the Mostly Harmless Alliance/Umbrella declared some raids on our allies in Alpha Omega as well as sanctioning them. We were asked to sanction a few of them in retaliation and complied. Fast forward a few weeks later and Sparta has received an onslaught of sanctions and retaliation raid wars from MHA/UMB. Some of these were retaliated while some members chose to just hit a member back in their range. In accordance with trying to keep this game somewhat alive we have decided to officially declare war on our aggressors in MHA/UMB. Doxa S
  2. 01/29/19 - 3,214 Is it still following the trend? Slower? Faster?
  3. Congrats, you're perseverance is something to be marveled at!
  4. Damn Avakael, don't be a stranger eh!
  5. Damn this one hurts. I remember fondly having interactions with you guys in your IRC when I was a fledgling diplomat just getting started. Me and everyone in Sparta will honour your memory. o/
  6. Wow this is a real cool post and brings back some serious memories. I remember when CnG came onto the the scene all those years ago and it was awesome to recognize some of those names listed in the thanks yous
  7. Glad to see some sort of an agreement could be made! o/
  8. You might as well enjoy this small deviation from your everyday activities :)
  9. It’s a shame to see the resignation of Blackatron, but I couldn’t be happier with his replacement! o/
  10. Nice! Our recruiting efforts are really paying off
  11. [quote name='Gopherbashi' timestamp='1337522549' post='2969812'] Ooooh nice, who did you guys absorb? [/quote] No abosrbing here, just hardcore recruitment
  12. [quote name='vandelsand' timestamp='1337449717' post='2969538'] We'd all like to see that Leo, the hard part will be keeping it up! Who are you going to pass (too lazy to look myself) [/quote] As of right now we are larger than Paragon, so we'll be passing them to be right behind your alliance.
  13. Looks like The Austrian Empire may make it`s debut on the next update!
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