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  1. (1) David Hasselhoff has landed a role in "Sons of Anarchy" as a porn producer named "Dondo." The show will be big in Europe. (2) Oprah Winfrey will be teaching a high school class. I'd say she's just going to give away free high school diplomas, but most schools do that anyway. (3) Eliot Spitzer's show on CNN has been cancelled. They're giving his slot to Anthony Weiner. (4) Casey Anthony has been sentenced to four years in prison. Good news is that she still gets to visit bars. (5) LaToya Jackson says her ex-husband tried to get Mike Tyson to sleep with her for $100,000. She turned him down because he's a biter. (6) The Situation may have quit "Jersey Shore," reportedly storming off the set screaming, "Say goodbye to the bad guy." Now what the hell am I going to watch it for? (7) Atlanta teachers and principals are in trouble for essentially cheating on their students' standardized tests. They should've asked their students for advice on how to get away with it.
  2. http://cntalkshow.podomatic.com/entry/2011-03-09T20_23_08-08_00 Hey look, it's Schattenmann. And stream of consciousness discussion. Nothing is real. Everything is a lie.
  3. Resist your oppressors, UPN. I stand behind you. (Surprising, right?)
  4. February 16, 1568: The Roman Catholic Church sentenced the entire population of the Netherlands to death. In a surprising move, Dilber responded with a simple "No." "This Day in History" is brought to you by the Internet and alcohol, blurring the lines of CN and RL since 2006.
  5. Peace in our time. A new target for my completely unjustified hatred will be drawn from a hat later today.
  6. In this magical episode, hawk_11 is temporarily replaced by Shantanafalanamann and RandomInterrupt fills the guest chair and explains all sorts of things the rest of his government will probably slay him for. Schamalamadingdongmann talks about the CoJ war front and we congratulate an apparently new GGA's formation (we've seen the forums, guys, this !@#$ is legit). Your comments are welcome. And encouraged. IMAGES: Edited GGA Flag The Lost Trashcat Card: AirMe
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