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  1. We’ve already begun planning the 50 year reunion, too.
  2. [quote name='Systemfailure' timestamp='1340807850' post='2998355'] your welcome to take them with you when you leave, we certainly didnt bring them. [/quote] Neither did we. They just kinda followed us. Blindly. Without hesitation.
  3. [quote name='cookavich' timestamp='1340294286' post='2991871'] a great propaganda coup for user rotavele. it's incredible how thick you are. [/quote] There is a joke in this statement. I can feel it.
  4. [quote name='muwen1234' timestamp='1340264508' post='2991637'] $%&@ you. Apparently the default government for MK nations is Anarchy. o/NATO!!! [/quote] I don't always post on the OWF. But when I do, it's to concede to my enemies' wit and strength.
  5. [quote name='dejarue' timestamp='1339694094' post='2983616'] If you allowed Dave the protection of your AA, you're playing pointless word games to wiggle out of the fact you're pinned on your own argument. I'm really not down for word games. It's too early right now for me. [/quote] I'm not pinned on anything. You're argument was flawed in that you posted incorrect information. That isn't a word game. It's a rebuttal. CSN continued attacks on a nation that had fled to a sovereign AA. It is standard practice to alert the alliance protecting that AA of the situation. That never happened.
  6. [quote name='dejarue' timestamp='1339693827' post='2983602'] I didn't even have to reach in my pocket. You're claiming you attack CSN for violating MK sovereignty when it's literally the most accepted rule in CN that an alliance's ZI list is something you don't recruit from, unless you ask them first. That would be sovereignty. I didn't even have to make an analogy. I summed up precisely what you have done. This isn't a comparison to something worse. You *did* the "something worse". [/quote] Who did we recruit?
  7. [quote name='dejarue' timestamp='1339693249' post='2983589'] Hahahahaha. "They violated our sovereignty by not letting us violate their sovereignty at will. YOU WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME!" MK logic, at its best right there. [/quote] I hope you didn't dislocate anything reaching that far.
  8. [quote name='Blooddraken' timestamp='1339691643' post='2983547'] And you went past your own borders by accepting him while they were punishing him. No matter how you spin this, you were in the wrong. You violated their sovereignty by accepting him while he was being dealt with. [/quote] I will say this in colors so you might actually pay attention. [color="#00FF00"]He[/color] [color="#FF0000"]hasn't[/color] [color="#00FFFF"]been[/color] [color="#800080"]accepted[/color] [color="#FF8C00"]yet.[/color]
  9. [quote name='WarriorConcept' timestamp='1339691482' post='2983540'] Stormsend I missed you. [/quote] Having a kid takes your focus away from what's important. Like responding to the weeping masses.
  10. [quote name='Blooddraken' timestamp='1339691281' post='2983534'] Your sovereignty? Don't make me laugh. What about their sovereignty in dealing with their rule-breakers? He broke their rules. They were punishing him for it. You stepped in and offered him protection, while the punishment was ongoing, and when CSN didn't back off, which they shouldn't have had to, you declared war on them for enforcing their own rules. [/quote] Their sovereignty extends only to our borders. They violated that. [quote name='Clash' timestamp='1339691364' post='2983537'] WTG shemp! I bet you took all day wr
  11. [quote name='bombuator' timestamp='1339691042' post='2983528'] CSN post 2 days ago said he was on a ZI list so why accept him, and you guys knew they would keep going until he was ZI'ed. [/quote] [quote name='Clash' timestamp='1339691083' post='2983530'] What a load of hypocritical crap. You will let in known spies sentenced to ZI, so actually you WILL just let in anyone. Or rather, anyone who can give you a half-assed bs excuse for a curbstomp. Why would they accept a peace request from a nation sentenced to ZI - one who admitted he did it, left his alliance over it and had already accept
  12. [quote name='Blooddraken' timestamp='1339690906' post='2983524'] But didn't you already admit he wasn't even on your AA at the time those wars were declared against him? [/quote] If you ask the same question four hundred times, eventually I might screw up, right?
  13. [quote name='bombuator' timestamp='1339690228' post='2983502'] So your taking a nation with active wars. [/quote] [quote name='Blooddraken' timestamp='1339690268' post='2983504'] SO you admit to accepting his application even though he was already in a war? Could have sworn that was frowned upon in CN. [/quote] The Mushroom Kingdom application process is a lengthy one. Unlike your alliances, we don't just let anyone in, regardless of whether they have a pulse and/or the ability to use logic and reason. While he was not a member at the time, members on the AA are afforded the protection t
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