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  1. Nah man, MK just stood on top of the world for 3-4 years by dumb luck.
  2. It's almost like he doesn't realize that the people fighting MQ+DBDC have received damage equal to 685% of what we've taken.
  3. Reps for DH-NPO totaled 18k tech and 532m across the entirety of NPO's coalition. In aid slots, that comes out to the equivalent of 26,850 tech. Get out of here with your bullshit.
  4. Well, Azaghul and I were two of the more vocal supporters of Mushqaeda declaring, so...
  5. I don't think you understand, Ogaden. NPO was very generous to all small and neutral alliances. Just ask GPA.
  6. Last aid package sent: 9/16/2013 - 12:41:18 AM MQ declares on TDO: 9/16/2013 - 10:00 PM I think you must be confused.
  7. I don't think you understand the severity of this situation! MK has been buying tech from other alliances! Clearly this means that they have used those nations to infiltrate the other alliances! You would see this if you weren't so busy protecting MQ from the repercussions of their actions!
  8. So he's under attack for aiding MK before it disbanded and the call to Jihad?
  9. "Look at me! I'm preventing this thing that wasn't a problem in the first place! You should all give me credit!"
  10. That sounds terribly unlike something I would say. I strongly support the Friends>Infra strategy. So long as a friend continues to treat me and mine right, I'll stick by them. That doesn't, however, mean I will extend that to all other alliances. I am more than willing to throw outsiders under the bus to protect myself and my friends.
  11. So, my suspicion is confirmed. You either misread or are a liar. The specificity of those statements is quite clear, yet you ignore it. "a certain neutral alliance" "the neutral menace" And to elaborate further, straight from the words of Ayatollah Tamlanei himself: "the wind of change is blowing to remove neutrality from the Aquatic Tradesphere of GunhammaD" In the end, you spread lies about the words and intentions of the Mushlim people merely to justify your own aggression and sate your own bloodlust.
  12. Extensive TE experience means little when they are marching to war with 6:1 infra:tech ratios and sad, little warchests. I believe you misread that. Not once does the call to jihad include that phrase. Attempting to twist the words of Allarchon is a sin of the highest degree. May he have forgiveness on your soul.
  13. Tamerlane's word is the word of Allarchon and as such is the highest of law.
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