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Don't Call It a Comeback.

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Four Years Ago



Then some history happened.  Things went down.  People did stuff.  It was a good run.




One Year Ago



Time for some fun.



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A Redeclaration of Existence.


Flag Image


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The Nuclear Proliferation League II


The New Charter of The Nuclear Proliferation League:


I.  Introduction:

The Nuclear Proliferation League is a group of nations who have gathered together to celebrate the dearly departed Nuclear Proliferation League.  We are founded on the principles of Loyalty and Shenanigans.

II. Activity

Being an active member required, by alliance policy.  To be considered active, you must have a pulse, provide visible evidence that you exist, and participate in our shenanigans.  If you have a planned absence, you are probably screwed.  Thankfully, our friends in IRON are protecting us for the next little bit.  We're pretty sure Polar is protecting the AA for as long as it exists in game.  Maybe the big guys will protect you, but honestly, we're just a micro and don't plan on protecting anything.

III. Admissions to NPL

Any Nation Ruler may request admittance into the NPL by meeting the following requirements.

   1. Must not be engaged in an offensive war Don't expect us to fight your war for you

   2. Must not be on any Zero Infrastructure lists  Don't expect us to fight your war for you

   3. Must provide the below information:

            Ruler name:

            Nation name:

            Nation link:

            Have you previously been in any alliances?  If so, please state their names.  Otherwise, say none:

            What positions did you hold in those alliances?  If none, say no.  If you said none the last question, say N/A:

            Why did you leave those alliances?

            Why do you want to join NPL?

            Who recruited you? If no-one, please explain how you found out about us:

             By applying to NPL you agree to the following:

1)All acts of war and war declarations (including spy attacks) must be authorized by NPL High Gov/WoD.

2)All members of NPL have to follow the rules of NPL including but not limited to the rules described in the charter of NPL.

3)By joining NPL you will be protected against aggressors but you also have the obligation to protect your fellow members.

4)No member of NPL will perform actions that knowingly harm the alliance, including but not limited to spying and poaching members.

5)Every member of the alliance has the obligation to help the alliance by fighting and/or aiding when called upon.

6)NPL is an Aqua team alliance, meaning that all members have to switch to the aqua team with the exception of members currently in a trade circle or other organized trade system on another color (if you don't know what a trade circle is, you're probably not in one), if you are already in a trade circle on another team color please let us know in your application.

I *insert ruler name here* pledge to follow all rules and regulations put forth by the Government of NPL, especially the ones stated above.

Get somebody to mask you.

Most members of NPL will remain members of another AA if they so choose, because seriously, nobody should take us seriously.  If the other AA takes offense, then the member will be a duel member.

IV. Government

Article I. Lord of the Shens

The Lord of the Shens holds office for the entire life of the alliance (which is planned for about 2 weeks), resignation, or if removed from office via the guidelines laid out in this document. The Lord of the Shens holds absolutely no authority and to think otherwise would make both you and he foolish.

Article IA. Removing from office

The Lord of the Shens will be removed from office and replaced by a new former member for next year's Nukaploosa.

Article II. The Shensumvirate

The Shensumvirate is a collectively equal body to The Lord of the Shens. That means they are also purely symbolic in nature.  Nobody gives a !@#$, and they shouldn't either.

Article IIA. The Shensumvirs

The Shensumvirs, on an individual level have the authority to appoint members to create shens. We haven't bothered to develop their position any further, because come on.  Really?

Article III. The Lord of the Shens - Shensumvirate Joint Decisions

Run this !@#$%* into the ground.

Article IV. High Government

The High Government is pretty much anybody the Lord of the Shens or the Shenumvirs appoint.  We completely plan much make them up and define them as we go. 


Article V. Other Government Members

See the description of High Gov.

Article VI. Chain of Command

Lord of the Shens/Shensumvirate > High Gov. > Low Gov. > Shensmembers

V. Tech Raiding

We nuke tech raiders.

Signed for The Nuclear Proliferation League


Kem:  Intergalactic Crusher of Moldy Holes, Lord of the Shens


Dark Zone Elite:  Dirty Man from Down Under the United States (center of the universe), Masturbater Extraordinaire, Drinker of Fine Alcohol (o/Black Label, Natural Ice, and Arbor Mist), King of Nobodies, Pwner of Spaztik Muffin and Father of all Brits, Shensumvirate


Spaztik Muffin:  Really from the Land Down Under (which is further from the center of the universe), Winner of NPL's Top Chef Award, Former Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling Champion, Replacement Crocodile Hunter, Shensumvirate


Countainer:  He Who Will Not Be Countained, He Who Shall Not Pass, He Who is Not Afraid to Pass, He Who Passed, Lover of all Things Gas, Shensumvirate


Houston:  Who the Hell is This Guy? perennial election loser living out his fantasies of power online, trusted inmate of the NPL asylum, 80 year-old man trapped in a young man's body, the guy who stares at you on the bus. Shensumvirate


King Wally:  King Nothing, Worshiper of all Music 1989 - 2001, Rap Master, Winner of Epic Rap Battles of History, Lives Upside Down, Has a Garage, Shensumvirate


Kill - Warmonger, spammer of embassies, former ankle biter extraordinaire, unwanted step child. Shensumvirate


Smurthwaite - Thrower of fits, Unimaginative Twit, Moral Crusader, Hater of Haters, Licker of Cati, Worshiper of the Red Ass, Full of BS, and CN Clown. Shensumvirate



While we are not the NPL of old, we don't easily forget and would like to take the opportunity to thank especially those who were with us before, in no particular order:



Random Insanity Alliance

Guru Order


Pirates of the Parrot Order

Global Order of Darkness

The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations




The Superfriends


New Polar Order

The Apparatus

and to a lesser extent, the original members of Aftermath


A special thanks to our current protectors in IRON.


Finally, those of use who are Duel members (yes, we used the correct term) would like to thank our individual AAs as well.


We also acknowledge that many who were with us before no longer are:




A bunch of other dudes (because remember, there are no women on Bob)


Please Feel Free to Visit Us:


FORUM  (Note, those who were masked at NPL before, probably still have masks)


Let the trolling commence.

Edited by smurthwaite
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I am confirming that the Nuclear Proliferation League AA is under the current protection of the Independent Republic of Orange Nations. We welcome back our nuclear friends and are glad to be a part of their "re-formation".

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Just what Bob needs, yet another alliance to draw more lines into the treaty web.

better to draw new lines rather than simply create the same lines over and over and over between the same alliances.

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