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  1. It was Letum, NPO Emperor at the time, who requested via an announcement on these boards to the Admin and mods to do something about the multi tech. I was not NPO leadershio back then, and iirc not even in NPO, so I can not comment on any private reports to the mods or admin that happened back then.
  2. We reserve the right to ban who we choose on our server. As a pg13 community, using access to our server to DM our members with images/memes etc relating to Hitler will get you banned.
  3. You may tolerate people who post images of Hitler to our members, however we don't.
  4. The burden of responsibility for our demise rests on a competent adversary. If there is any apathy it is from spheres such as your own who lack the necessary skills and effort to bring down a hegemony. Own your own issues before projecting them on something you could only dream of building.
  5. As opposed to the laziness that encapsulates 90% of the alliances here today that seem to rely on the NPO to entertain them. The world does not revolve around us, there is plenty to do outside of the NPO and our allies sphere's of interest. An astute mind can navigate a path to their goals without stepping on the wrong toes.
  6. Pacifica recognises that NEW wants to leave this world. We fully support them and will provide them assistance with their aspirations.
  7. Terminator was cut loose after receiving surrender terms.
  8. NG as an alliance disbanded last year, essentially alleviating ownership of everything NG related. In any case I am merely playing along with you all that the FTW and NG flag are the same. Furthermore the FTW use of the yin yang is far superior to NGs use of it.
  9. Read the DoW thread and statement within. Nothing is ever permanent. The war will conclude once we have achieved our goals. NG-RFI and NG-Oculus are seperate conflicts. As above, seperate conflicts. FTW's war effort isn't an interest of ours. They wear their flag better than when Non Grata owned it. No.
  10. Alliances have always been tied together via the treaty web. What used to happen is one side would pluck the others allies away. Mass cancellations would happen and then a war would happen. Look how quickly the continuum fell when karma wanted to bring down NPO. These days no one seems to want to spend months coalition building, or their opsec is terrible. On top of that too many people are friends across spheres, which as you allude to means there is invariably 0 grudges and rivalry.
  11. Alliances would simply spread their membership across a number of alliances or create a hit alliance with the Nations they are going to use for the 1st round etc.
  12. A question based around merging alliances, maybe. If the alliances ranked 20 and above were to merge to form 1 or 2 alliances that would make a good bit of difference to the politics of the game. There is too many dead husks of alliances with one or 2 people running them. When you add those one or two together you are effectively creating an active alliance with enough hands to run it.
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