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  1. You literally one one fact correct in that list lol. I wasn’t super active I forgot to buy nukes how many times? I didn’t run full attacks ever. I didn’t have Brian nuke me. He likely attacked me because I have always threatened to roll RIA. He nuked me because you ran your mouth lol. I had a form of a ceasefire agreed upon with Canik. I kind of had to ask people who attacked me to see what was going on. Lol. It’s not like I could just assume she was breaking it. I literally had to ask. And Brian is the only nation who attacked me that had anywhere close to 100 tech. He had 200 though. Did I forget anything?
  2. No reason will ever be valid to you though legend for sure said I wasn’t fighting. I’m sure I could find more
  3. I’m pretty sure you all made it abundantly clear that I wasn’t fighting still while I’ve been at war since day one. Or am I just crazy?
  4. Haha. I never understood the infra to tech ratios of the nations fighting me.
  5. That’s true. It is awfully boring
  6. You do realize their tracking systems right? They were always going to find me. I left the bakery AA because some clown created a thread about it. I’d have fought til October from my own aa Alongside y’all had you actually wanted me too
  7. so I couldn't fight along side of you all from my own AA?
  8. Fear of what exactly? My commitment would have stayed as October if Caustic hadn't stepped down and well that other thread as hilarious as it may have been wasn't started. But why fight along side people who don't want me too?
  9. Must be because you don’t have a leg to stand on and you are just pulling things out of thin air to try to insult me. It is alright junka. I’ll always be your master
  10. I'd have stayed longer had someone literally not brought all my enemies to NG and then proceeded to turn a fun !@#$show into a massive !@#$show
  11. I always said I was going home at some point
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