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  1. At this point you should just edit your opening post to say GOONS just isn't trolling you hard enough and you want all of Planet Bob to help them do so.
  2. Fact. You know as much as I dislike The Legion, the rest of RFI should take The Legion's solid advice and learn how to shut up on the open world forum. But I digress, not only will that never happen but very shortly I will get trolled by RFI for saying this I am sure.
  3. If I was admin I would update alliance strength to work similar to nation strength. This would act as an overall level of strength that would limit the target alliances an AA can declare upon based on this number by either making it impossible for the AA to declare war and/or put into effect, either immediately or over time, attrition modifiers that would make it increasingly harder for larger AAs specifically in soldier/tank battles. This wouldn't be a big deal since the larger nations of big AAs that declare upon smaller AAs tend to just sit back and act as banks for their underlings anyway- the warchest of these "bank" nations would drain much faster as a result of the modifier as more war aid would be required. Sorry, guys, but I agree with Johnny Apoc. Hate me for it all you want.
  4. Browser game popularity was initially marketed on a different foundation I think. We're talking about the era of top vote websites but now marketing is based mostly around algorithms, or chance based on how much you'll pay for a percentage opportunity to get an ad viewed, and even then you are only hoping the person is not only interested but has the time and will power to do so. On Google Play however it is easy to brand something retro so if the staff and some donors got together to put up some pixel/light graphics and have the nation stats and alliance affiliations linked or transferred to the app system and put on Play then you have something to brand as both text based and retro with some graphics to back it up. People love retro, it is it's own brand. Guaranteed 4 stars at least and I don't think you would need a reset at all. Just back it up when ready and transfer it over (nation/AA stats I mean but I'm not a Dev so idk) The whole retro brand app theme brought Choose Your Own Adventure games back from the dead of the 80s for example. They're on gPlay right now. If you can't do better than that with a history like this then ... Well you know.
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