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  1. Redarmy

    Mostly Dead

    It takes a lot to keep a drunk bear down.
  2. Redarmy

    Mostly Dead

    I am still here, more drunk than ever.
  3. Redarmy

    The Bear Carnival

    Bears and Pirates. What could go wrong.
  4. Redarmy

    Who's Worst?

      I thought it was, every time Methrage post, we must drink a shot. 
  5. Redarmy

    Who's Worst?

        I say two, but I'm a dre4mer. 
  6. Redarmy

    Public Trial for Immortan Junka

    Thanks man 
  7. Redarmy

    Top Conspiracy Theory's of 2016

    Sorry Comrade. Dose this mean the revolution was set back?
  8. Redarmy

    Top Conspiracy Theory's of 2016

      can confirm