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We dug up the Hatchet and now we're..

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Burying the Hatchet in Someone Else’s Forehead Accords



The Independent Republic of Orange Nations (IRON) and Doombird Doomcave (DBDC) hereby upgrade the “Burying the Hatchet Accords” and agree to bury the hatchet in someone else’s forehead instead.


Article I: Non-Aggression and Security

IRON and DBDC hereby pledge to refrain from taking up arms against one another. Both signatories shall refrain from the use of espionage against the countersigned party. Should either signatory come into possession of information regarding the infringement of the other’s security, they are required to promptly share it with the other.


Article II: Defense

Should either party find themselves to be the target of aggression by any outside party, the other party is encouraged, but not required to provide military assistance.


Article III: Aggression

Should either signatory decide to take aggressive action against a third party, the other signatory has the option to roll with the countersigned party.


Article IV: Termination

Should either party decide to terminate this agreement they may do so by informing the other of their intent to cancel. The pact shall then be considered void 72 hours after notice is given.  


Signed for the Independent Republic of Orange Nations,

The Warrior, President, IRON Councilor

Third King, Secretary of State, IRON Councilor

Montosh, Minister of Internal Affairs, IRON Councilor

Blade 619, Minister of Defense, IRON Councilor

Mandarijn, Minister of the Vault, IRON Councilor



CubaQuerida - Angel of Death

Tayloj - Bunny King

TBRaiders - Wingman of Allarchon

Artigo - Powerlifting Champion of DBDC

Timmehhh - Minister of Wealth Redistribution




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Since we decided to bury the hatchet between us several months ago, a lot of time and communication has gone into this relationship to get it to where we are at today. It has truly been a pleasure working with everyone involved especially TBRaiders. We decided it was time that the tie between us was reflected a bit more appropriately than just a NAP since it has grown into more than us just tolerating one another. We are looking forward to a continued friendship moving forward.



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Four months ago, DBDC and IRON were on a mutual path to joint destruction.  Through friends and allies we were able to communicate and reach an agreement that ensured an extended period of peace and enabled us to work towards improving relations.  This treaty is a testament to the communication and work the leadership of both alliances have put into our relationship.  Realizing we had more in common with one another, similar goals and interests, we have not only put aside our differences, but formed a true friendship.
I am very proud of this treaty; proud of where our relationship is today with IRON, proud to call them ally, and proud to call them friend.
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