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2000 & Late: How YOLOISM led to directly to the foundation of the Doomist-Lulzism


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It was through a black eye while I enjoyed my dinner of mushed peas that I saw that the enemies of entropy, of destability, were alive and well on the planet we call bob. I have kept extensive records and have explained my stance on my alliance's forums and have invited those who would fight against true stability, that is, the embracing of entropy here.




It was in the year of our lord, 2000 & late, that I came to the conclusion that there was something quite wrong and troubling going on in the cyberverse. There was an increase of shit posting that had little to no substance and more propaganda than ever before. Long had the days of good posting past us. There were no more doitzels and schatts, who had once burned so brightly, they had been reduced to only a glowing ember, finally in the cold winters of polaris, they had been extinguished.


This was when I, YOLO SWAG of four twenty, the Prince of Kashmir, became obsessed with the concept of time travel. If only there was something I could do. And there was, after getting completely black out drunk and crossed beyond all belief, I realized if I restored my computer to a earlier date I could lay the groundwork for those that could fight stability. It was then that Emperor YOLO SWAG of the IAA  New Kashmir Order, traveled back through time to conceive the child that would later come to be known as CubaQuerida. That's right everyone, I am the mother of CubaQuerida. The womb that bore the fruit of the promise land. And I know this because I am smarter than you.

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Who was the other parent?

Some secrets of this world are best left hidden. But if you can bear the great burden of knowledge...




Now you know he of whom it was prophesied, five years ago. 


Do not speak of this again.

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