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  1. How did i not see these sooner, awesome
  2. Thank you for that hershey, and now the weather. Rain maybe?
  3. well technically we are not an Umbrella protectorate, if you go back to that original announcement you'll note that we declared we'd protect Umbrella :3
  4. I don't even want to play Diablo 3 on PC :|
  5. where's a facepalm emoticon when you need one. edit: and I agree with ashoka, the liberals need a good leader if they want to survive/make a come back. Ignatieff may have been smart but he did not know how to connect with the people. It certainly does look like Bob Rae is positioned to take over now, and i also agree that it would only continue to hurt them if that happens.
  6. I'm curious did 'wannabe mp' actually run for the green party or were they just a member? I'm pretty happy that they managed to win a seat this time, I like a lot of their policies (but admittedly there are also plenty I disagree with but I could say the same for any of the parties). I think the Canadian system of first past the post really isn't working anymore and we should switch to some form of proportional representation but I don't see this happening anytime soon, especially with a conservative majority which is currently doing quite well using the current system. I'd also like to disagree with the first comment left at least in terms of the Canadian green party. I have not read the platforms of other green parties but one of the major components of the green party's platform in Canada is to introduce proportional representation, a system of government which would make it far more difficult for any single faction to rule singlehandedly. In addition, I do not believe that consumption taxation would be considered a move towards totalitarianism, especially when they also propose income tax reductions and tax breaks through moves like income-splitting. Actually, the more I type this the more I find myself drawing similarities to our current Conservative government. So, you are correct in that this kind of ranting doesn't surprise me, but it does so because uneducated ranting, especially of the online variety, is hardly surprising these days, not because I hadn't closely read the green platform. I'm not sure how I feel about this election, I'm not certain I would want the NDP to form a government so I have mixed feelings on the conservatives winning a majority, but it should be interesting to have them as the opposition. My major concerns with the Conservative majority would be around health care, the environment, funding for research and education, and the ability of the Conservatives to actually balance the budget, if they manage these okay then I'll be happy, but their past performance here leaves a fair amount to be desired. Although I like a lot of the liberal policies I'm actually quite happy to see them get destroyed, I hope this will finally make them really change things up, and if they don't then they deserve what they got and what they will continue to get. I'm also glad to see the Bloc with reduced power, I mean I'm obviously biased here though as I don't live in Quebec and I don't want any preferential treatment for any one province nor their separation.
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