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  1. Always love our special nights together ;) Umbrellabros, may we have 7 more great years and can I have those 7 years' worth of tech up front plskthx?
  2. This makes me sad. Us DH alliances were meant to be together.
  3. I remember a time when we stuck our necks out for you and you've repaid us by harboring enemies and attacking us. Go fuck yourself.
  4. haha people think we actually need to bring in counters against this attack?
  5. [quote name='Stealthkill' timestamp='1358569034' post='3079538'] Any point that you're trying to make is completely invalidated by the fact that you use Internet Explorer. [/quote]You don't get the cruise missile sound effects if you don't use IE!
  6. [img]http://i.imgur.com/wIgdUxe.gif[/img] Shoutout to Pansy! <3
  7. [quote name='Lord Valleo' timestamp='1349700733' post='3038565'] However the one who is now leading your alliance is one of the biggest detractors of the NPO and has threatened our alliance on more than one occassion. [/quote] Yay I get to say my favorite phrase; used to say it to umb gov all the time. MAKES YOU THINK, DOESN'T IT?
  8. I'd just like to point out that even with a superhuman like roq micromanaging aid (calling you at work, your mom's funeral, etc) you also need to find good sellers at the price you want. Mass tech importing wasn't always as popular as it is now and these days finding a large pool of reliable dealers is harder due to all the new competition.
  9. [quote name='Chief Savage Man' timestamp='1338438218' post='2975018'] jesus christ dude how the hell did you manage that [/quote] ~200 is pretty accurate for 6 opponents tbh
  10. Maybe you need to write out a clicks budget and cut down on some of the autorefreshing (which is against the rules now, isn't it?)
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