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  1. On 04/19/15 White peace was declared between the two parties after nearly three weeks of war, Armpit Platoon and aNiMaLz. Thank you.
  2. I wouldn't go as far as that, considering the majority of your active players are in anarchy....
  3. May I remind you we put you into anarchy..... But okay.... See you at 12:00....
  4. "RUKUNU needs to get nuked up. After he gets nuked up he will never go back into peacemode again. "
  5. Dang it, didn't want to post! Wish there was a delete option. Anyway, I guess I will post a pic then.
  6. Interesting, you know i'm sitting here trying to think about how to reply to that, so please.........
  7. If RUKUNU is such a bad ass then why is he always in peace mode?
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