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  1. Tech sent within hours of my complaint. This is a reliable seller.
  2. Has it occurred to anyone that winning this game now involves developing a strategy to destroy DBDC? They have positioned themselves as the "end boss" of this video game. Unless you enjoy playing to lose, you should all be thinking about that dynamic. I may be biased, but I am also undeniably correct. Sooner or later the only way for all of you to not continue being losing losers who lose is to confront DBDC. Any non DBDC alliance strategy, of any alliance who wants to not be losers, should answer the question "how do we destroy DBDC?" If you are not playing to win, why bother continuing to play? This is said with no resentment to DBDC, the only alliance, in fact, comprised of winning winners who win. They are the winners and you are the losers. Even their lackeys losers who are pet and fed regularly. Submitting before the power of winners does not make you one. Seriously though, everyone... why protect your pixels, if all you are going to do with them... is lose? Are you all more satisfied to have a big stack of lose than a little one?
  3. Pretty sure one of the major points is that DBDC doesn't need or care about CB's. Thus, any action anyone who is not in their greater AA sphere takes against them, up to and including spying, should be considered rational, as those nations are all short or long term targets of DBDC and allies already, making the sole reason not to anger them now angering them more later.
  4. I see you are trying to get a new AA off the ground and already have a history of deals with at least one WTF member. I wish you luck, and I am also willing to buy tech from you. (6m/100t) Just msg me in game and instruct me where to send the cash (nation link below).
  5. We have active posters. Just not ones who care about middle school psychodramas.
  6. I was continuing Sam's "date" pun regarding our plans to war each other, that almost worked out but did not.
  7. Arguing with Daenerys makes me want to join WD next round. You guys get it, and you're hilarious!
  8. BAH HAHAHAHAHAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I don't know daenerys, but this is funny. 3 of 4 supportive PMs I got regarding our "debate", including the Misfit one, said this about her in somewhat less polite terms EDIT: Between writing and posting this two other people called her on the same, above. Daenerys, seriously, no hostility, try to view yourself the way others view you, from the outside. I believe you must be smarter than you're allowing yourself to appear here.
  9. That is the link I was referencing, where you let a neofascist themed nation back into your AA after having been kicked from the game for sending hate mail, which he claimed was actually from someone else. I did not mean to imply I thought your AA was pro nazi, but you DID allow a nazi themed nation to join your ranks, which I object to, and which is a totally separate issue that should be discussed elsewhere. All I will say here is: As long as you accept members like http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1000596 you will be seen as an AA that is sympathetic to fascist/nazi themed nations, and this one's leader is named after the engineer of the holocaust. If you don't want to be seen as an AA that endorses or accepts fascism, then don't accept members who glorify the holocaust. If you'd like to start a separate discussion of how accepting overtly pro nazi members shouldn't reflect negatively on you, you should do so elsewhere.
  10. idk, I think my "post are" pretty good. At least, I don't makes flagrant grammatical errors in my responses to critiques of my flagrant grammatical errors, while simultaneously feeling qualified to instruct others on effective writing.
  11. Good luck everyone. Since I know people will try to apply Stalinistic models of fairness as they do to every declaration, yes they have a higher ANS, but there ws no option that would have lined up with them evenly, and they clearly went for high ANS AAs.
  12. Lol I recognize this reaction from years of dealing with people who have borderline and histrionic personality disorders. Should we stop before you cry?
  13. This is the very argument you's have been trying to use and when you finally realized it wouldn't stick you then went and cherry picked stats and tried to present them as the pre war stats but little did you know i had already taken all the pre war stats. The argument does indeed stick. It flies with me, and I am currently at war with your AA, Rayvon
  14. Wish CN forums had a like button. Daenarys has gotten to the point where she is saying "everyone sees through your lies" to everyone. So, since everyone but misfits has argued she is the one being dishonest, I wonder who the "everyone" is to which SHE is referring, who "sees through" the position held by literally everyone who isn't a Misfit. Does she have an imaginary friend?
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