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  1. that's what I am aiming for, I want them to find an opening they enjoy out of let's say a basic 3 and have them immerse their games around that opening, looking for variations in it and how to convert it to a good middle and end game. it's not to just blow them away with 30 openings just one they can enjoy and explore
  2. Hello, one of my many jobs in the real world is teaching elementary and middle school students the joy of chess. This blog is for some assistance in teaching my students with some friendly input. Please, keep this serious and not include CN drama. I believe Chess is a great and amazing game that really does help some students preform better and even assists students with certain mental and social issues become more integrated. So, I have been in this program (based in Chicago, however I work in Wisconsin schools) Chess Scholars for almost a year now (11months to be exact) and this session will be my first session with middle school students. So anyone who is an avid player of chess or simply knows the game pretty well your help would be greatly appreciated. So without further procrastination here is my first question! #1. For middle school students at a beginner & intermediate level what would you suggest is a good opening for both black and white (please state the top 3. if possible even give some reason why) I have my own ideas but would love to receive some outside perspective. EDIT: for the 3 white openings please if possible show 3 black opening which defend against the white openings.
  3. IMO opinion the ultimate failure if the console (excluding where Nintendo is going) is that they are trying to more or less become computers which is a suicide mission. You can easily and always upgrade a Home computer to the current age of gaming. consoles are limited unless you're really willing to risk destroying it through modding it. In short their is no realistic reason to spend 500 dollars on a console that only lasts 3 years on average when you can simply drop a grand and have a computer that can last up go 10 years( might be stretching it) and be able to do everything and more a gaming console could ever do. The only salvation for the console would be to interactive with the body and somehow strictly exclude PCs from games they sell in short forcing users to buy the console to play. Sadly no matter what a person with even common knowledge and Google can find an emulator and play any console game on the PC.
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