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  1. How do you celebrate this Western holiday?
  2. Are you guys breaking up or what?
  3. Someone should have sued for total victory. I'm disappointed. ^_^
  4. Is there any relation between Doom Kingdom, Doom Squad, and Doom Bird Doom Cave? I find it all pretty confusing.
  5. I always thought that a rouge was anyone who defected from one alliance, especially with the the intent to cause harm to that alliance. It didn't matter if it was one player or more.
  6. What exactly is the purpose this thread is meant to serve, Vandelsand? I'm seeing all this talk over various things that I don't see mentioned in the OP.
  7. Is this thread meant to turn into a 3-word story thread? I want to try: That Smurthwaite is
  8. Well, I suppose their allies particularly care, Smurthwaite. I mean, these guys may happen to have important friends. I reckon that their foes might care, as well.
  9. And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

  10. I don't, but I don't really have a clue about what kind of people they are. I guess my opinion wouldn't count then, huh?
  11. The thread got pretty weird pretty fast. :mellow:
  12. Maybe it's the fact that I love little fur animals, but I must continue to protest that we aren't receiving the justice we deserve! Bombard the thread with more adorable photos of baby seals. :P
  13. I still don't fully understand the point in posting on these boards, really. I can only hope for enlightenment later
  14. I'm certainly concerned that an alliance has engaged in the barbarous slaying of the seal populace of planet Bob. #savedababyseals
  15. Walk a mile in these louboutins

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