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Federation of Armed Nations announcement

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All flags in Stewieland are hanging at half mast for Jack. He's gone to battle Moo once again with the Admin in the other place.

Rest in Peace.


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Wow. He was a hell of a man, we'll miss him here.

However, it's almost blasphemous to have a FAN thread with no gun porn. For you, Uncle Jack.


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This is very sad to see. I didn't work with him much, and I disagreed with many decisions FAN made, but he was always a classy, interesting figure, with something to say.

It's always a bad day when we lose a member of this community for good, especially a prominent one. My thoughts go out to his friends and family.

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I'm deeply saddened today. I really enjoyed Jack. I wish his family the best and offer my sincerest condolences. This holiday season is going to be very difficult, and I hope these messages will help, in some small way, ease that hurt and loss. To the Tarr family, you already know what a great man he was. Thank you for sharing him with us. He will be missed by many more than you can ever know.

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No idea he was sick. He was active in the NPO’s forum. He was very alive to me.

He put a lot of smile in our faces. I think that is what he wants to be remembered by.

I will hold back my tears of sadness. Here is to you Jack :)

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