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  1. I'll just point out to you that although Desco may be gone soon, his contribution to this world has been vastly greater than yours. And to cheer on his departure is extremely poor form.
  2. I joined this world slightly before the first wave of fellow Dutchies arrived. It was at a time that admin had closed registration because of Yellow #5 and the war that soon followed. Ofcourse I had no idea of the meaning of these events so that's what I read up to later. In any case, this initially small group of what later became FOK spent most of its time techraiding instead of actually building a solid foundation for a powerful alliance. I recall that we butted heads with NpO shortly thereafter (they intervened when a raid by some of us got out of hand), and presumably that is why a feud
  3. What tongue? His has been cut so many times, it's not really worth it to do it again. I admit it's cute to see him try and boast though. In any case, welcome to the party GOONS.
  4. Rush, your topic title says Top 5, but you ask for just 3? Anyway: 1) FOK 2) MK 3) GOONS
  5. This war is absolutely hilarious. And most of it is summarized in this very thread. IRON seemingly ready for the lunatic asylum CnG calling others lapdogs The sudden discovery of "moralism" by the likes of NG Making a show out of "defending" an ally by declaring on a minor alliance when there are way bigger targets out there All in all, the whole ordeal has caused me to feel sympathy for NG. Whatever their failings (and there were many) they have never lowered themselves to this level. It was nice knowing you IRON.
  6. You've chosen your path, now own it. Good luck.
  7. No hard feelings for this one Goldie. That's reserved for something else. Have fun with this war.
  8. Please nuke arexes for me if he's still around.
  9. The Cult may be gone, but its Disciples will spread the message. Goodbye friends, may your further journeys be eventful and fruitful.
  10. Tromp

    RE: Miley

    American 'culture'. Yeah, truly a blessing to our world.
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