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  1. ORRPLE didn't last that long... Many more years it has been defunct than active.
  2. I find it interesting politics is being played in this thread around an apolitical alliance, without input etc. As to SLAP and Kashmir, see you on the battlefield.
  3. RIP Valhalla. Not surprised Toga is the last one standing in the AA.
  4. Green Protection Agency Autumn/March-May Government Line-up Greetings Planet Bob, In light of our recent elections, without further ado, I proudly present the new GPA government line-up for our autumn term: Executive: President: Imperator Vice-President: Belisarius Cabinet: Minister of Internal Affairs: grossman Minister of Defense: Jeric Minister of Foreign Affairs: benfinan Minister of Economics: Jumperbeast13 Minister of Membership Compliance: Ennui Directors: Director of the Academy: probablamenteno Director of Communications: Lunan Director of Human Resources: The Thing Congratulations to everyone who was elected and all those who ran for office. :D
  5. Congratulations on your semi-retirement, Goldie, and best of luck to Baltus.
  6. Congrats on your retirement, Dajobo, and best of luck to Emperor EaTeMuP. :D Edit: Typo.
  7. Agreeing with a Pacifican? Well I never, moreso considering your past. I look forward to a reformed OoO. Apparently we're in 2008. :P
  8. Congrats on the new government, NG. :D Best of luck to Caustic and Abshire as well as Ying Yang Mafia in their new positions.
  9. Glad you enjoyed it Branimir. Be sure to pop in for next year's thread. ;)
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