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  1. Truly one of the good guys. Rest in Peace STA.
  2. Called it! Posted 21 May 2014 - 09:23:34 AM Daimos Armageddon Veteran 998 posts 0 warning points My Awards Micon I doubt anyone wanted to be Emperor right after Brehon. Thank you Farrin for stepping in and taking the reigns. That took a lot of guts. Now I am not surprise to see Letum as Emperor. He seems to have the demeanor for it. I will also be not surprise if after Letum steps down, it will be remembered as NPO’s greatest time since pre Karma days. Good luck to all.
  3. It is my most visited forum in CN. I will miss it. Thanks Gopher for keeping it this long.
  4. Give Oculus some time. If Oculus plays it straight up and do not rock the boat than yes the game will be boring. Oculus wins but CN dies. If Oculus go “Everything Must Die” mode than the game will be exciting but the bloc reputation will suffer and eventually disbands. CN extends it’s life. There is no third option for Oculus. It’s either the blue pill or the red pill!
  5. Like it or not GOONs was a player when it was alive and kicking. Have not heard much about this alliance in awhile which is not very GOON like so it was probably a good decision to disband. Good run.
  6. I like this kind of thread. Political intrigue is good for the game. Lacking something though. Needs a juicy log dump to propel this topic to 10 pages.
  7. VE has impressed me during the Armageddon War (Karma). Respected them ever since. This is good to see.
  8. I enjoy reading this kind of "analysis". Rush indeed did it better. Would not mind seeing a Top 20 analysis from Schatt though.
  9. So is that Jorost in the video? All CN DoW should be done via You Tube video.
  10. Boomer this is an absolute steal for M16 given where they are in the draft. Great pick.
  11. Schattenmann topics never fails to deliver. If Schatt had a talk show about CN. I would be one of it's biggest fan.
  12. 1st and 2nd is obvious – NPO and MK 3rd and 4th is my personal opinion – TOP and NpO 5th is a prediction when all is said and done – DBDC Honorable mention – Umbrella
  13. With the war over, it's just a matter of time. Enjoy rebuilding!
  14. One of the good guys indeed. Well deserve retirement.
  15. Daimos


    Pretty much the same but much more user friendly as far as the mechanics of the game. If you like MTG, you will like this one as well.
  16. Daimos


    Sent invites. Jgoods45 need your battle tag number. Anyway, I'm Daimos #1470
  17. Daimos


    I play will add you two when I get home.
  18. Personally, I am against reps but I understand it is sometimes necessary. This is not one them and am glad it ended the way it did. Congratulations to all involved.
  19. If only I could get a penny every time peace mode is discuss.. Never commented about it before and this will be my first and last opinion about it. If Admin allows it than it's a valid tactic to use during war. Get over it.
  20. I must admit I did not know you guys existed before this war. Impress with the TSC nation I fought against. Glad you guys are out. Polar you deserve better than Tywin.
  21. Me liking VE since forever has now been justified. Get em!
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