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  1. It is my most visited forum in CN. I will miss it. Thanks Gopher for keeping it this long.
  2. Give Oculus some time. If Oculus plays it straight up and do not rock the boat than yes the game will be boring. Oculus wins but CN dies. If Oculus go “Everything Must Die” mode than the game will be exciting but the bloc reputation will suffer and eventually disbands. CN extends it’s life. There is no third option for Oculus. It’s either the blue pill or the red pill!
  3. With the war over, it's just a matter of time. Enjoy rebuilding!
  4. Daimos


    Pretty much the same but much more user friendly as far as the mechanics of the game. If you like MTG, you will like this one as well.
  5. Daimos


    Sent invites. Jgoods45 need your battle tag number. Anyway, I'm Daimos #1470
  6. Daimos


    I play will add you two when I get home.
  7. According to the news, this was the result of a group pick pockets running amok causing the crowd to run in panic. Nothing related to Brazil loosing the match.
  8. Great job Gopher! This particular contest was prettty entertaining. Congratulations to M16. Kudos to all that made it fun to watch.
  9. Impressive growth IRON. Did not think anyone would catch up with GPA. Grats.
  10. Daimos

    Enjoying CN?

    There is still drama which I enjoy. It helps when your a member of an alliance who always seems to find itself at the center of it.
  11. First interview was better but I like to see more of these types of interviews. Carry on.
  12. Did not say you could not. Just the same theme over and over again. The interview was different.
  13. You should stick with conducting interviews. This kind of blog will just be viewed as propaganda.
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