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  1. Good bye, friends. See you in XX. This might be my last post for a long time.
  2. Congrats, XX on your new member. And Cable, I would just like to say, you have handled the entire situation with great aplomb.
  3. Wow, so much response for a PIAT. We must be doing something right. Anyway, I welcome TPF, our not so new friends.
  4. PM me in game if you're interested, please. Nation link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=357883 2 slots free.
  5. Oh, well. Maybe those 5 GATO nations will follow MN's order next year? We'll have to wait and see. Does the inactivity due to RL issue at GATO happened recently? Because if I recall correctly, GATO didn't have activity issue in the previous war when they fought MHA et al.
  6. What's war without FAN? Of course you'll fight. Happy hunting.
  7. Long time no see you in OWF, Gramlin. Hey MB.
  8. Holy S***! That's a lot of sigs, all in one DoW! Love you guys! o/
  9. Keep telling your lies, TOP. You might believe it someday.
  10. Why sign the treaty in the first place? Maybe you should reconsider your other treaties too, Int. The timing is really bad.
  11. What's the matter NSO? Can't handle the heat? Kaskus, you did it again. Anak nakal.
  12. [quote name='TeemuStew' timestamp='1357425095' post='3071773'] 1.How can I create my own alliance? 2. Do I need a website? 3. Do I need at least 3 players to make it work? [/quote] There is no "set" rules about this. Some people will say you need at least two people (including yourself). Some other will say you need twenty. No you don't need a "website" to build alliance, although most alliances here have their own forum and IRC channel. You need to convince (recruit) people to join your alliance affiliation (AA). Harder to do it to people already here, easier to recruit people from your RL friends who aren't already playing. Good luck.
  13. wkwkwk.... Kaskus. Enjoy your war, bro. I know it's early but Merry Christmas to you all.
  14. My condolences to Jack's family and FAN. I only know him a bit, but it's always sad.
  15. [quote name='Freelancer' timestamp='1341227170' post='3001721'] Let me think .... [b]Hookers [/b] [i]Asian, I'm really picky about my sexual solicitation, those Asian girls make the best 3 minute clips the internet has to offer [/i] Do you require any other information about me or my brothers ? [/quote] Careful with the OOC. You might be talking to an Asian. But I guess OOC such as biodad is OK in your book.
  16. [quote name='emmabuddie' timestamp='1341223716' post='3001708'] we have no ties or relationship with MK, we don't sell tech and or converse with them at all...we declared war on MHA to defend an alliance in which doesn't have a relationship with MK. so to answer your question...... yes..... we are [color="#FF00FF"]emmbuddie reaches for her pillow gun[/color] [img]http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4bs4winCT1r8tyjfo1_500.gif[/img] [/quote] So, this is not coalition warfare, is a separate war, and you're not the aggressor?
  17. [quote name='Freelancer' timestamp='1341169295' post='3001267'] While I wait for The Illustrious Xiao Weng, I'm going to be nice and give you a little back ground on us Lap Dog's Were the alliance who told UPN to [spoiler] A missive from the desk of the theragu40 of THE BRAIN. It may shock some of you to learn that there are things you do not yet know about The Brain. Yes, you know us as those incredibly attractive neurons who are always making posts of startling humor and profundity. Yes, you know us as conquerors of dragons and zombies alike, champions of both good and evil, walking paradoxes as we are. But were you aware of our annual hot dog festival? I thought not. Oh, the wonders of our hot dogs need to be experienced more than just seen, though you could likely see them from the stratosphere. The Brain prides itself on the size of its sausages, both length and girth. In fact, we oftentimes find during our festival that our dogs are so large that we cannot even fit them into buns! But that is a story for another day. Our huge, skin-on wieners are as large as you might imagine and our festival is near. At this point I imagine you are firstly staring in awe at The Brain’s greatness and secondly wondering why the devil I am telling you this now, instead of earlier so that you may have prepared yourself and grown your hot dog. All questions shall be answered. You see, certain concerns were brought to the attention of The Brain regarding allegations of plotting and scheming and planning and dreaming by one of our members. Of course we take such matters very seriously, since we care deeply what other alliances think of our actions. As this was being brought to our attention, a certain leader of this certain alliance made some firm suggestions (you might call them demands) regarding the manner in which The Brain ought to handle this type of delicate situation. I am getting to the point, old boy, don’t you worry. We here at The Brain so appreciate this stern advice as to how to conduct our own personal affairs that we would like to extend a very personal invitation to this leader. We would like to invite him to our hot dog party, where we would like to firmly suggest that he eat all of our hot dogs. It is rare that we should allow an outsider to attend, so we suggest (you might say demand) that he eat our huge hot dogs slowly...and that he enjoy it. Of course now the cat is out of the bag. If anyone else wants to join in stuffing their faces with our weiners, they can follow our good friend’s lead and serve us ultimatums and demands as to how we should handle our own members. Don’t all line up at once now. Theragu40 [/spoiler] Were the alliance who told the entire Maroon sphere to [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=99659"]pound sand[/url] Were the alliance who brings this type of [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=65030&st=0&p=1737640&fromsearch=1&#entry1737640"]entertainment[/url] to the mainstream...... and were lapdogs emmmmmm ... Let me tell you something The Kingdom doesn't even know we exist. This is a result of a treaty we've had with GATO for over a year and out of respect for Schattenmann I'm going to end this and give you the opportunity to see the error of your ways. [/quote] Sure. Whatever floats your boat.
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