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OOC RL Issue: CNers in need!


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Perhaps it is not our place, but we feel the necessity to do so on behalf of our friends in Ragnarok. Moderators, I apologize if this is out of place, but please excuse this instance or place it in another active part of the forums.

If you haven't heard, this is very important. A couple who play CN in Ragnarok cannot find their eldest daughter. From a Rok post:

[quote]I am sure most of us here know Van Hoo III and KaitlinK, two active and helpful members of the CN community.

This is a plea from us over at Ragnarok, and from me personally. Please take the time to visit the link here, and to spread it as much as possible. We are hoping to get as many people to see it as possible. So that the chances of finding, Christine, Hoo and Kait's eldest daughter, who went missing Jan 4, 2012 can be found as soon as possible.

All of us here are CNers with access to other forums, which are frequented by a lot of people, please post this link there. Forward it to your friends and family. Help us find Christine.


Please, repost where ever possible: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, blogs, etc. This game does not pale in the face of something truly important. The Apparatus extends its heartfelt prayers and thoughts for Hoo and Kait, and wish for a safe return of Christine.


[color="#2E8B57"][b]Mod Edit:

Van Hoo and KaitlinK's daughter was found the evening of January 25 in a neighboring city. She was unharmed:


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Wow this is awful, I really hope it ends well for you guys. I will post this up in our forums, I think a solid quarter of our members are from the Cali area (strange right?).

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For those players in Southern California I urge you to print up a couple flyers from the FB page
And put them up around the coffee shops, supermarkets, post office, any place with a community board.

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oh my god! VanHoo and KaitlinK you have my deepest sympathies and I hope your daughter is alright and she's found soon. I'm emailing and "sharing" that link as much as i can. I'll keep your family in my prayers. :(

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