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  1. Got marooned on a sandbar with only a pistol and a vast store of rum. Years passed and the rum finally dried up, so I hitched a ride on two sea turtles and made my way back to civilization.
  2. likewise. you guys definitely gave me a run for my money in the last round word of advice...stay away from Bluefield....Beckley...maybe yea...no pretty sure about it. We knew we were going to get pounced by a couple different AAs who were just waiting for our DoW to go up. they only shocking thing were a couple of the fringe AAs who hopped in
  3. Lol anything to serve your own interests Huh? Sorry to hear about internal strife going on over there and hope you guys get everything straightened out. I will say he's a very active fighter and has been fun to deal with so far haha
  4. Now I just feel dirty. Polar, you told us it would be a romantic night. Candles, champagne, a harp, pulling out all the stops. Now that we get up to your room, I find some 50 Shades !@#$ was planned...I'm so triggered right now... Welcome to the party Farkers
  5. You know, I was just thinking it's been awhile since I saw a TBC thread :P. also...you poor, poor souls...Rampage of all people? It's the beginning of the end
  6. Alright that's enough NSO talk in this thread....Xanth...seriously dude...I don't know what we're going to do with you lol... We in the PPO have always held our word above all else. We also view treaties in much higher terms than almost any other AA on Bob and this can be seen throughout our history. The PPO will always be there to assist our allies in need, whether they want us to or not. We will jump into hell fire for those we view strongly enough to call allies. We knew what we were getting into as soon as the initial declarations against Kashmir went through. The main reason it took so long is because we were trying to figure out the best way to enter since Kashmir were not initially requesting help. We hold no ill will towards Polar, though we do not support their war in any way. NG...well...that's a different story for some . War is here so enough !@#$%*ing and get to work on spying Red Army into a Capitalist govt
  7. You mean the guy who literally begged for peace with a slew of messages? I think it might be hahaha. Been awhile Razor. As a reminder, pirates don't take kindly when the Queen's navy is brought to their shores
  8. Don't worry...I know that feel too. He's always been too small :(
  9. Just saw this, grats to all! ...except Kill....
  10. We'll save that for when we revisit the treaty down the road ;)
  11. o/ TBC it's been a pleasure getting to reknow some of you guys <3
  12. Of course there's a veiled threat when your alliance mates are being raised en masses
  13. Is this Bear Cavalry 2.0? Or did rhe previous proposed AA not get off the ground? Memory's a bit clouded on that. Best of luck guys
  14. Think he's talking the other way around. SBL/Drege would beed to clarify on that one
  15. Drege is talking about the war...3?4? (When the hell was grudge war) Years back when KofN and PPO jumped in to help MHA and we all countered countered to high hell.
  16. Drege is talking about the war...3?4? (When the hell was grudge war) Years back when KofN and PPO jumped in to help MHA and we all countered countered to high hell.
  17. I'll just go ahead and reiterate Xanth on this one. If an individual is part of an alliance and someone is trying to recruit them from said alliance, that is poaching. If a nation who does not currently have an alliance is trying to be forcefully recruited by another, that is gun boat recruiting. Are these nations not allowed to join other alliances or else face continued war? Finally I will add that while these nations may be without an alliance, Smurth's half-joke is all that will happen from the PPO. Any nation is free to apply to our alliance, however, if they have a history of treason and/or working to overthrow their alliance why would anyone want members who took part in these actions?
  18. Oh come now Xanth. Give pity to those less fortunate than ours. Not everyone can be a pirate and that is a sore subject for many. Alas, the Hitchcock lad must have been orphaned at a young age to not understand the concept of Honor and civility that we adhere ourselves to. That is our Pirate Code and one of which that has lasted us for times as old as this world. I do hope that the good citizens of the corporation of monsters are able to invest in infrastructure and literacy in an effort to properly engage with the denizens of Bob. Unfortunately, though, i feel that any charity we may be able to provide would just be embezzled as has been shown in the past.
  19. We actually have a long standing and strict Rules of Engagement policy that's been in place since our founding which details this information for our members
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