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  1. I'd like to remind you all that discussion of moderation and administrative action is not permitted outside of the designated Moderation forum and subforums. Please steer clear of those topics here. Carry on.
  2. If this thread had a point it's long since gone off it.
  3. Another spam thread and I'll be having a word with your head of house.
  4. At least someone values my time. Let's keep this one a bit more civil and maybe avoid making half a dozen more joke topics.
  5. Hello. This thread is against the rules. Enjoy your warning. Merry Christmas.
  6. The nature of this thread was somewhat ambiguous at the outset but it has evolved into a distinctly in-character discussion. Moved to World Affairs.
  7. Posts on these forums are required to be in English. Trolling is against the rules, too. Colloportus
  8. Posts on these forums are required to be in English. Trolling is against the rules, too. Colloportus
  9. I do believe the RP Guidelines were updated. I advise you to read them. Any time, now.
  10. If you are looking for universal popularity this is not the place you're going to find it. It's important to remember that none of this is real and if you cannot cope with the inevitable pressures -- distasteful as they may be -- of off-site communications then perhaps it's time to take a step back. Regarding this topic, I see absolutely no productive game-related discussion coming from this. The Open World RP forum is for OOC discussion of IC political events and other OOC interaction as relates to the game, not almost-entirely-OOC sequences that go well beyond the scope of Cyber Nations. Ju
  11. This is not the proper place for this. We have an entire forum for reporting those in violation of the game rules. Since you are apparently unfamiliar with this process I suggest you purview the "how to report game abuse" link in my signature. Locked.
  12. The Moderation team has become aware of a trend in the In-Character subforums. Many players are making posts in IC threads that contain isolated words or phrases mid-sentence surrounded by [OOC] faux-BBCode tags. We would like to remind players that at this time such posts are considered attempted circumvention of the IC nature of these forums, especially where the overall meaning of the post is clearly OOC. Please note that this does not prohibit OOC tags altogether, but merely the interjection of them into the middle of a sentence. The respective IC and OOC parts of a post should remain se
  13. Moved to World Affairs as this is pretty clearly an IC discussion. All posts made hereafter should adhere to the IC forum guidelines.
  14. Moved to World Affairs. Not really an alliance announcement, but still IC.
  15. No, Potter. Warned for OOC flamebaiting/trolling.
  16. Given this player's deletion and his alleged recent actions I don't think this thread serves much purpose. It seems to already be degrading towards a flamefest. Locked.
  17. Moved to World Affairs. This is pretty clear-cut IC.
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