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  1. Is this the part where I'm suppose to blame Polar, or was it Pacifica? I forget.
  2. Jeb the Wise

    Hey guys

    Funny how your blog entry has been hi-jacked to discuss the war webs I'm inclined to agree with you Schattenmann. I'd rather see someone consistently and accurately post daily war stats.
  3. Another Jeb!? >_>

    Nice to meet you

  4. is preparing for a new journey

  5. Don't forget they faked the moon landing and orchestrated 911
  6. It's like a "TOP's stupidest hits" LifeTime Infomercial. My favorite is the 1st quote from Crymson. Thanks TB
  7. Hehe... only very technically. I have nooo clue what is going on. How have you been?

  8. Well hey, look who's still around


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