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  1. A standard 3BR trade ring with uranium needs someone on black with aluminum and wheat. Message me and I will send you the nation links. I've been keeping this trade ring alive for years and plan to for years to come. To be clear, you will need to change team color to black and change resources to aluminum and wheat after I confim you are in the trade ring. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=164657 Thank you
  2. Greatest. DoW. Ever! Have fun out there boys!
  3. Rok will always hold a special place in my heart. I came to Rok after the GPA's War on Peace and as the years wore on, Rok became my vehicle of revenge in the Karma War. It also became a place where I made the most friends in CN. I found an old roster from 2009, not sure if I had it for internal affairs work or if I was just mining stats but I'd like to share the list. To all these rokkers still here or deleted long ago, I salute you: Nation Ruler Last Active Strength Kitsunia TailsK 3/27/2009 6:42:00 144702.16 AugustusWood The HollyWood 4/9/2009 5:42:00
  4. Yeah! wtf WTF? wtf aren't you doing something?! :v: I like the idea of neutrals defending neutrality beyound just their alliance, to all nuetrals in general. Ya can't be "non-neutral" defending neutrality right? What do you think Vulkland? Let's get started on that secret Nuetral MD Bloc huh? Have your people call my people.
  5. Your council has approached you about creating a trade route directly through a forest into a nearby nation. Option selected. See Current Response. Option 2: Refuse to build through the forest. Population happiness +1. Before I selected Option 2, the out come for No responce said "Population happiness +1". Here I find Admin changed it to .5 years ago but looks like the wording on the event page wasn't updated. So I'm calling this one a typo. Once I seleted option 2 my hap went from 85.83 to 86.32 so the math does add up correctly (well, close enough w/ .49)
  6. "lon=-94&lat=22" gave me 99% :)
  7. ONE SPOT LEFT! Construction/Asphalt/Steel/Cars/Microchips/Scholars/RadiationCleanup/Beer 8BR +U needs water, and wheat
  8. ONE SPOT LEFT! Construction/Asphalt/Steel/Cars/Microchips/Scholars/RadiationCleanup/Beer 8BR +U needs water, and wheat Post here or message me in game (Jeb the Wise). First come first serve. Inactivity is less tolorated the longer I work trades, but I'll try to work with anyone with-in reason. Once you and your trade circle are on our docs, I'll keep them updated and work to fix them when they break. Remeber these are black team trades and you'll need to be able to change your resources to suit. Anything else? I think that's it. -JtW Blacktrades.info
  9. Thank you Don. One more nation for that other 3BR circle. Message me in game. And Merry Christmas
  10. Merry Christmas. I have a special gift for two nations who are on or can switch to the black team. I have an opening in two 3BR trade rings. That's Construction, Fast Food, Beer with Fish and Uranium I need one nation who can switch to Spices and Sugar to complete one And then another nation to don Uranium and Water for the other. Message me here or in-game, [nation='164657']JebtheWise[/nation], and I will send you all the nessary links First come first serve. Remember, you will need to be able to switch resources and color to black if nessary I have another nation in one trade
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