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  1. This is a harsh and bitter time for me. TOP took me under their wing a very long time ago as an ally and eventually a member. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people. I will always carry these guys and gals in my heart. I truly hope for the best for my fellow ex-Paradoxians. My years spent in CN was truly a great experience, and I thank both friend and foe for that. I'll be deleting soon now that the end has finally come. I have quite a few shout outs to give, but I'll forego that. I've had a lot of interactions here on BOB and will remember CN as a stepping stone in RL. I really have learned alot here and will cherish the time spent here. TOP-SPEED my friends. Remember this quote always because it pertains to each and every one of us here. I've followed it everyday since I first read it and I hope you as well. "MINDS ARE LIKE PARACHUTES, THEY ONLY FUNCTION WHEN OPEN" Stay open-minded my friends and always think before you act.
  2. My nation alone actually did better than the totals of their war.
  3. You'll always shine like a beacon of hope in my eyes.
  4. How could anyone keep someone at war that voluntarily jumped in on their own accord? It's not like we share a piece of paper or anything else along those lines. I do find it odd that you peaced them so fast. So yeah, I do think you're scared of losing to them.
  5. Nah, I think he meant that NPO gets what they want at this point in time. And yes I do agree that NPO is super efficient and has plenty of talent to boot. I also believe the OP acknowledges NPO's arrogance and means to help straighten them out. Anyhow, welcome to the fray.
  6. GOONS are too scary for me. Argent has plenty of friends to aid them. And also, I don't know if you have noticed how terrible GOONS warchests usually are, Argent will be just fine.
  7. I got handed a raw deal there, and I'm positive a few of you lost money too.
  8. Good thing you guys did this before admin and friends remove the multi-tech from your nations.
  9. Needless to say, there'll be a lot of bloodshed regardless of if it's us or someone else that gets hit. I prefer it wasn't us at this point in time, but I don't always get what I want. But if we are the target then I can honestly say that we are prepared financially and morally. Our activity can speak for itself. I would hope that a gathering the size of Occulus would set their sights higher than us, or even Doom. If I had that kind of firepowerat my disposal my eyes would be on the biggest prize of all, the neutral menace. Seriously, think of all the targets.
  10. Good luck with real life man.
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