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  1. Masta has my eternal support. Good luck buddy!
  2. congrats, random question since i am not around anymore, hell last time i think i was on the owf was when the doom war ended at the beginning of the year. does GATO still have all the ministers? or is it just the Assembly Chairman these days?
  3. Interesting.... googling their IP, they show up on a list of IPs and "Project Honey Pot" as the top link. I find this hilarious.
  4. Best of luck to your future accomplishments together gents.
  5. My hat is off to the folks at TSC. Good job guys, hopefully we're on the same side next time :)
  6. Lets see what you can come up with for us rootin' tootin' cowboys, partner.
  7. I'm in quite the opposite position. Friends in both places. Therefore.... burn RV! xD jk.
  8. Or just... "Comic War" :P but yes, i'd go for either.
  9. The CN Wiki isn't defined by your interpretations of what Vladimir said nearly a decade ago. Move along neophyte.
  10. Feel free to add interregnum periods to the wiki page Ogaden.
  11. Why am I not seeing Kurdanak up there. What have yall done with him!!!! I demand justice!
  12. O.o Mogar do you even have a wiki page? Ah, found it. > :D
  13. [OOC]By records I mean the wiki's sake, because idk how i'd put pretty much this entire post in an IC format, ah fuck it...[/OOC] So.... The wiki article about the Global Hegemony throughout CNs lifespan has been dormant for a while and needs to be updated. I haven't been paying attention pretty much since the Equilibrium War due to IRL so I can't really update it accurately. Because I have no idea who's been in power since post-EQ or $%&@, even right now for that matter. http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Global_Hegemony So in the words of Dean Pelton....
  14. TOP can chain in whenever they want to. They're well aware of what a ghost dow is and how to use it.
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