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Imperial Annoucement from the New Pacific Order

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[center][color="red"][size="5"][b]10 Million NS Milestone[/b][/size][/color][/center]


The New Pacific Order has once again passed the 10 Million NS milestone, an achievement that provides an example of the collective tenacity and determination of our people.

Coming just five short months after our nations were locked in the furious throes of combat, this symbolic step in the long road home serves as a testament to the vast amounts of dedication put into the Order’s economic and political revival. This great undertaking was made possible through the combined efforts of a massive force of talented minds and hard workers that have spent hours of their time to reach this point, and the result has been well worth it. In light of the herculean efforts that have brought us here, it is only right that proper thanks and recognition are given to those that have truly put their hearts into their work.

[list]We recognize the contributions made by our friends and allies, both new and old, who lent us their support, traded in technology and engaged in joint planning for the rebuilding of our nations.

We recognize our economic programs that have channelled billions into tech and the funding that has contributed to the rearming of our nuclear nations.

We recognize our military commanders and their tireless efforts spent patrolling the barracks, helping bring all wounded Pacificans back to full combat readiness.

We recognize those who recruit, those who educate, and those who support our new members – the future of the Order.

We recognize the diplomats who have fought the toughest battles of them all, often in hostile territory, in order to bring our message to other alliances.[/list]
In short, we recognize the 70+ members of [i]The[/i] Pacific Cadres who made this endeavour possible, along with the many hundreds of active soldiers, tech-dealers and donors who gave muscle to these efforts. Loyalty and dedication have always been the foundation, heart and soul of this alliance, and they have been proven to withstand both the crucible of war and the test of time better than even the hardest metals.

The Order has gained over 200k technology and 1.2M infra since this era of growth began. More importantly, perhaps, we have engaged in an extensive and dramatic overhaul of our relationships with many old rivals. While the road we have travelled thus far has been long and far from easy, there are still many more miles before us. The New Pacific Order remains in a state of relentless and audacious advance – to better tech ratios, bigger warchests and stronger bonds of brotherhood in a growing community.

Though our journey may yet be incomplete, the NPO has recovered and stands ready to heed the bugle’s call to war at any time. We wish for peace and will welcome all visitors with a hand extended in friendship, but to any who might think to harm our friends, be warned:

[list]The Order is still here.[/list]
[i]-Mary the Fantabulous,
Dragon Emperor of the New Pacific Order
Reformed Neutral Menace [/i]

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