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  1. Burger's Cat is an active part of our community and he is a highly regarded player within our ranks.
  2. Damn the grave is still being dug. Let's go deeper amirite?
  3. There is equality and mutual respect to those that work hard in this game. There's no need to fight for anything. If you deserve respect for your work, you usually get that respect.
  4. So you haven't been paying attention for most of those 2 years....
  5. Eumirbago

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    Country Music Awards I believe
  6. LOLNOU Eminem is not the best, you just think he is because his songs relate to your life more than other rappers it seems. Just as BEazy said, Eminem is a great lightning rod to channel teenage angst.
  7. I don't give a two &$#@ flying $@ what message they try to convey and who copied who. It's whatever tbh. As long as it's catchy and it sounds good to me, I don't really care Keep makin dat music.
  8. Take out the green thing and I think that'd be perfect
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