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  1. Mushqaeda was but one of the many factions with MK. It was only fitting the flag be used in the disbandment considering we are the best faction.
  2. I am just a little bit. I was hoping somebody.....better.
  3. I never really cared about Francoism during my time in the Order. It was too RP for me to really care about. And whether you like to admit it or not, that view was widely shared by a large portion of people in the Order(during my time at least). Of course the people during my time seem to be in positions of leadership and I can only assume they care as much for it now as they did when I was there. There's a few hardliner NPO members who still preach that stuff nowadays(see this thread) but for the most part Francoism isn't as widely cared about in the halls of the Order
  4. I'd be intimidated but it's just VE. tell me when somebody important declares thanks.
  5. Isn't there something to do with turning the other cheek. Right to left to right again it seems.
  6. A lot of people are learning the hard way how to fight wars on Planet Bob.
  7. Mushqaeda was one of many factions within MK. Almost everybody knows this(but you apparently). Hence it was formed as an AA because some members wanted to represent it. There's no "shadow government". Get over yourselves.
  8. Funny how it's your first alliance war in five years. most likely will be your last if we have our way.
  9. join the jihad against neutrality. Allarchon wills it.
  10. I think you misunderstand the will of Allarchon and Mushqaeda as a whole. but ok.
  11. The state of Planet Bob is literally just apathy. This style of talk is a product of the past. It's time to move on, keep your head down and look the other way while we do Allarchon's will.
  12. at this point I don't think anybody actually cares about your ideals.
  13. TDO can barely coordinate among themselves so what hope do you have?.
  14. just remember TTE, when the TDO can't handle it anymore and peaces out and you're left holding what's left of yourselves, always know they'd have never done the same for you. Allarchonu Ackbar!.
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