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CSN Announcement

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[center]Well, we have a few gov changes and figured we might as well let you people (yes, [i]you people[/i]) know about it.[/center]


[center][b][u]Executive Leaders[/u][/b]
[b]Head of State[/b]: Liz
[b]Deputy Head of State[/b]: SpacingOutMan

[b]Minister of Defense[/b]: Dman
[b]Deputies of Defense[/b]: Emperor Smith and Clash
[b]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/b]: Gibsonator21
[b]Deputies of Foreign Affairs[/b]: Severius and Machanidas
[b]Minister of the Interior[/b]: Torchwood
[b]Deputies of the Interior[/b]: AlmightyHero, DavidStillicho

[b]Director of Trades[/b]: Triggs
[b]Director of Raiding[/b]: Oinkoink12
[b]Director of Education[/b]: KOwens06
[b]Director of Finance[/b]: MilaAmo
[b]Director of Recruitment[/b]: LiraelEyes
[b]Director of Propaganda[/b]: EmperorSmith[/center]


... And [s]one [/s][s]two [/s]three more things! Don't forget to check out our forums, located [url="http://cncommonwealth.com/forum/index.php"]right here[/url], and our IRC which is #CSN on coldfront!

Cool flag, right? It's a throwback.

And yes, we are [b]indefinitely[/b] protecting The Blood Brothers.

Edited by Gibsonator21
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[quote name='Penlugue Solaris' timestamp='1310091680' post='2751907']
Congrats to SpacingOutMan. Might have missed an earlier promotion to his current position, but I still wanted to congratulate him.
Yeah, he got promoted to DHoS when Liz became HoS. :)

[quote name='Dark Temptation' timestamp='1310091701' post='2751910']
Sup Gibs :smug:

DT. :smug:

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Looks all right. I enjoy killing Gibs and Liz in #odnmafia every now and then -- that's how NoR/CSN relations are balanced out. [img]http://forums.cybernations.net/public/style_emoticons/default/awesome.gif[/img]

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