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  1. Harry potter is victorious once again!
  2. u was almost #1

  3. u smell. alignment: casualties neutral

  4. AuiNur

    Old Blood Line

    hi. who r u?
  5. supa you so secksy ;o

  6. Here's where you are wrong: You attacked BMV2, your leader. You threatened to coup him, your leader. Here's where you are "right": You were joking when you attacked him You made their forums. Hmm..
  7. AuiNur

    April Fools

    o/ admin. good read, good read. first? -edit, ok nvm. =/
  8. hey rak, i didnt see your comment tell now

    " fant0m

    You smell Auin. :P

    [Delete Comment] 1 Dec 2008 - 19:50"

    YOU SMELL. thxbye

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