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  1. I am aware. Its a throwback to that "Wonderful" history and is poking fun at all those who actually use that phrase seriously. Especially when their own alliance is in pixel ruins.
  2. Maybe I'm misreading it, but I am actually having a hard time parsing exactly what you are trying to imply (also sarcasm on the internet and all that). I also have been removed from the community for quite some time now so I don't quite understand the reference... MasterRace????.... So I'll take it as another generic my "side" vs your side post. But no, I was not limiting or suggesting anyone else from participating in discussion. As I've stated earlier in this thread, this is a place for only discussion so I never really understood why people get so amped up about other people expressing their own viewpoint and opinions. Yes, the one thing that engages the community is basically the drama of politics, so why limit it. People should express whatever they want, however much they want. Don't like what they are saying? Do something about it.
  3. yes. we are the parasites of the world. go be a producer hunter.
  4. They need to be absolutely sure they "win" this argument. Otherwise they have nothing to show for. "Oh, we will never have a top tier, but we can limit their tech deals" is literally their argument.
  5. but how else are my citizens supposed to get their cheap foreign manufactured iphone 6's and imacs and apple tvs?
  6. tech deals. neutral parties. no military ties. no signed pacts.
  7. Woah now. I was just asked to "sell down" and "do something about it" to which I responded that I could not because a) i am out of range and b) even with 0 infra I would have no one in my range who is not in peace mode. See my own quote here. Yes I agreed with you: Sorry. When you go out of your way to point out "Our 150k nations were being hit by 600k nations" I thought you were referring to the NS gap. I get it, you're a little on edge maybe because of some posts in this thread, but I am not personally attacking you. I am attempting to hold a discussion why tech deals are not considered acts of war. And again yes, the free tech to enemy nations seems pretty sketch, but I have not been recording these deals on either side so I cannot comment on it.
  8. Isn't that what we've been discussing this entire time? A little discourse so you can understand my perspective and so that I can see yours? I can't. Ya'll are in peace mode and I still would be out of range if I sold down (i already did).
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