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  1. Fighting on both sides of the war is something only RIA can do.
  2. More fun that way. And also berbers. Definitely berbers.
  3. The ampersand ban. The very bane of our existence.
  4. Fair enough, or well it could be if the situations were comparable. We're not even an hour into fighting. And so far there's a bit of a crunch for slot availability. Although I suppose I should be reasonable. Yeru's 8k infra tech selling nation is in a tough warring spot, and that's a pretty understandable nation to move into PM to avoid unnecessary damage.
  5. This is dumb. TOP privately thinking Sparta's a sack of morons wouldn't surprise me really, but you're ridiculous if you're gonna paint Polar as anything but wholly supportive of their blocmate. Not to mention the rest of the ignorance found here. Sheesh.
  6. I found three nice targets in TOP and that's good enough for me.
  7. Can we change it to your avatar instead. Or at least not kata's.
  8. You should have done this. Would've made literally everybody happy.
  9. CN is horrid at changing its perceptions of alliances, particularly on the public level. Sparta's war performance this time around (as well as during EQ) has been pretty good, with them ranking quite highly in the number of wars fought and amount of damage done. Anybody saying they are useless meatbags or pushovers when it comes to war is very wrong, but well, being correct isn't exactly high on the list of priorities for trash talk during war. Hell, I'm pretty sure I saw members of NSO mocking Legion for sucking at fighting earlier in the war. It's bull, but unfortunately, it seems that p
  10. We're really hoping they'll take FC back one of these days.
  11. 1) lololololololololNoR. AA deleted, that's a laugh and a half. But yeah, good luck fixing that mess, though I wager it shouldn't be too hard considering you have a list of your members. May make things slightly more of a hassle for your opponents depending on what they use as a target program, but eh. 2) Overall Stat Summary (according to RI5) NoR Overall: 2.6M taken 2.7M inflicted 587 wars (139 offensive, 448 defensive) INT vs Nordreich: 837k taken 834k inflicted 209 wars (164 offensive, 45 defensive) Note: DBDC took a 30k bite out of INT, which has been ignored here)
  12. It is not them. We booted gorbachov off the CMEA AA that we are protecting, and afterwards we gave a temporary protection to CobaltWolf's AA, CIN, which expired on September 30th. We do not, and have not, agreed to protect gorbachov's new AA, COMECON, which he moved to after vacating CMEA.
  13. I have to say, I'm impressed. We haven't had Micro-Morons with a comedy:annoyance ratio this good since TOLWYN.
  14. FTFY. I mean seriously. How did you miss that >_> And MI6, feel free to go for it. Would easily give us a better name than OuO or Disorder War for sure.
  15. You act like we're not a soap opera already. Damn, you really are oblivious.
  16. Just gonna say, that last bit you're trying to take it where IRON was hedging their bets by keeping the treaty doesn't really stand up too well. It's been clear for a while that NG didn't have a shot so while you could try to spin IRON's refusal to support NG in a variety of ways against them, saying that IRON was hedging its bets doesn't work very well. And judging from these logs alone, IRON was not supportive of NG for quite a while, with the treaty remaining for whatever reasons. Ironically enough, NG (in a way) can be seen to be the one hedging its political bets a bit here. Not in re
  17. God Kaskus, what's so special about RIA? The rest of us have horrible treacherous leaders too y'know.
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