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  1. [quote name='Avakael' timestamp='1337611531' post='2970254'] ...It's still going? [/quote] Legacy : Streak without a loss ends at 18 days (0.34) Y U MOCK SARM AVA, Y
  2. Oh no, our beautiful streak, what ever will we do
  3. The International! You lower your score by double digits RIGHT NOW MISTER
  4. Welcome back Jack, good to see ya bud
  5. [quote name='Aeros' timestamp='1328274889' post='2913757'] Love how he leaves Valhalla out of his post. We fought SF too... [/quote] Are you dumb? Valhalla's growth has nothing to do with fighting SF, while NOR, RoK, and ASG clearly fell apart because they fought SF. This is pretty basic stuff Aeros, come on now.
  6. If you really think the protest wed. did much you are blind. The protest didnt not change the minds of politicians, it didnt open minds, no, the congressmen realized they would no longer be able to get away with murder without the people knowing, so they switched sides to save their ass. They'll just slip it into next years National Defense Authorization Act, since people blindly let that pass
  7. Gopher how long have you been doing this
  8. [quote name='Penlugue Solaris' timestamp='1325618017' post='2891582'] Deletions. As someone who has been following them closely, its all deletions except for two. [/quote] Oh I know CSN is deleting, I meant other alliances
  9. [quote name='kingly' timestamp='1325548456' post='2891000'] damm, all those member loss numbers are really concerning, though i guess at the current rate, Goons and Deinos will have sanction in 3 months or so. [/quote] It doesnt show on here, but CSN has had 10-15 nation deletions since our war began =\ So the question is...is it members loss numbers, or member deletions
  10. [quote] 30 {97} (-1) Legacy : 14.17 --> 13.91 (-0.26) [/quote] Guess I gotta hunt who we lost...
  11. Legacy is purging off a few people, hence the drop in score
  12. [quote name='Gibsonator21' timestamp='1318101825' post='2821006'] You couldn't see this coming by his casualties? [/quote] Of course, never said I didnt see it coming He served his purpose, so it's whatever.
  13. [quote][*]Also hitting the deck hard is [color=green][i]Legacy[/i][/color], for nearly a full point. Not sure why, and I didn't see any huge nation bounces in any of the warring alliances. [/quote] We lost a 200k+ nation who left to GOP(leaving for a neutral alliance when things start kicking up a bit eh?). We also had 3-4 nations get deleted due to inactivity either the same day or the day after. Then yesterday/this morning we had another 2 nations delete due to inactivity. Two of which were returning players who were real active...then I guess the boring set in. edit: broke the quote t
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