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  1. Welcome back Jack, good to see ya bud
  2. If you really think the protest wed. did much you are blind. The protest didnt not change the minds of politicians, it didnt open minds, no, the congressmen realized they would no longer be able to get away with murder without the people knowing, so they switched sides to save their ass. They'll just slip it into next years National Defense Authorization Act, since people blindly let that pass
  3. I dont think the problem is a lack of people with testicals to attack with no reason above "I dont like you" I think the problem is, the world instantly goes against them. We can see that now with the Mj/SF standoff. If I had dollar for everytime I heard "Whoever attacks first will lose" I'd be able to go out to dinner later. That's because rarely is a cb considered a good cb.
  4. Just thanking you for nominating Legacy for best rookie alliance and most likely to succeed next year. We seem to still be the best kept sekrit around as few know of our large success, so we appreciate everyone who votes for us :)

  5. hehe jess jess wants that pic of yours xD

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