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  1. Resolved by admin. Thanks holy admin!
  2. Hi there. Glad I could log back into my forum name at least. I no longer have the email account associated with my nation (deleted it, I have all the info though but will not post it publically) - which keeps me from getting the recovery code sent to that email address when changing my password. What are my options? Thanks!
  3. It would be interesting if there was a limit on how many alliance affiliations that can exist in the game, though. Imagine.. alliances would have to fight to exist. TOTALLY not realistic, though.
  4. Started off in LUE for the first 3 months or so of my CN career. Joined kamichi's 'refugee' alliance.. can't remember what it was called. Only a temporary stay. EDIT: New Age Marauders? Joined FIRE at the invitation of a few friends. 2 months maybe. Founded the second CIA with Mum2005. Merged with Starfox and some others to form GoG. Got 'couped', left for CIS, who was at war with GoG and the Sphere. Stayed til after GCV. Left CIS, joined a few alliances to try and find a new home. Two of which include Legion and CDS. Back in CIS by the end of the summer. In CIS until disbandment. Fo
  5. I like your sigg, did you make it?

  6. His current A/A is Polaris Applicant.. until the next (re)creation of an alliance comes along. I already know which alliance that will be, though.
  7. Your chances of success has increased by .0001%. I hope Polaris can deal with him if they decide to accept him.
  8. I'm really glad I wasted my time reading all this. tl;dr BAWWWW
  9. <3 Cowboy Cornholio. I've said what I've wanted to say in other channels.. but for the record, I'll say this: 1. If I could do it over, the FPI war wouldn't have happened. End of story. 2. I would have seen to it that Josh the Great would have been dismembered for his betrayal. Unfortunately, Karma hasn't caught up to him yet. 3. As the person that posted the disbandment.. I wouldn't have posted it, just so we could have been the thorn in the side of Planet Bob, and just so we could say '$%&@ you' to all those that are saying 'die CIS.' Honestly, didn't your mommies ever teach you
  10. Cool story bro. May the cycle end here. It's not up to me to decide.
  11. Glad to see this. I wish you the best guys. Good luck with your new slate.
  12. To all that are !@#$%*ing about Karma having terms, etc etc.. Wouldn't you?
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