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  1. Reformed probably isn't the word, but I'm definitely on the AA
  2. It is quite remarkable isn't it. This thread should be at 10 pages by now
  3. [quote name='SpacingOutMan' timestamp='1340414836' post='2993080'] I was about to get quite sad that I didn't get a mention. Good luck in real life mate and don't be a stranger on IRC. We have been through a lot over the past few years. Cheers bro, enjoy the real world! [/quote] Your the one that's never on dammit!
  4. Well I must say, I am glad I had this pre-written, because writing the Legacy thing was hard as !@#$ to do on the spot and I wouldn't want to do this back to back. So this is where fate has brought me, five and a half years, a handful of alliances, a dying group of friends, and a dream, brought to this day. It certainly feels like decades ago my journey began here and for the most part it will come to an end. The delete button remains my sole obstacle. I will strike it in the coming days, I'll keep it around long enough to answer any questions or !@#$ that arises in this thread and with my members. I'd imagine when the time comes, doing it quick like a bandaid is the best option huh? It is rather silly, a grouping of text shouldnt be that hard to get rid of, but their is some sort of history that part of me doesn't want to let go. This is the main reason I am not going to go rogue on my way out, I've been down that road and I'll get that fire back for awhile and I don't want that, besides, my natural enemy has been destroyed, the remains lay in CRAP and it just isnt the same. For those of you who are looking at this thread and thinkin, this is the time to strike him, I have slipped into peace mode for this exact reason, I cannot allow you to prolong my life here. I guess my official reasons for leaving our boredom with the game and our community not being what it once was. I think I'm gonna spend my warchest before I go.... So I guess I should get into the history part of this post. [spoiler]Late November, 2006 I joined the game under the name Stevepac9. Joined ACID, I think they were my first message, not sure tbh. I made some great friends there. After I go I can only think of a few that remain, serg, mas, ejayrazz if you are still out there, and I think dougal4chaos is in R&R. After GW2 ACID split apart and I followed Marxus, we were going to start The ASSembly, but we didn't and we joined FIRE, I left and rejoined ACID. I got rather pissy with thier leadership and didn't like the direction of the alliance. I went to GOONS and NPO I believe, the general discussion part of their forum and offered to spy on ACID, ahh what a silly noob I was. Obviously, I was attacked by ACID, so I deleted and started under my current name. A group of us reformed The Trade Federation. Marxus, Nigel, Serb, El Bor, Strife, Borat, myself, and maybe a few others, I dont remember to be honest, it was shortlived and we renamed it The Mafia. We added more of our ACID friends and grew pretty well, under Hallie was caught extorting tech in a tech raid and FAN rolled us. I believe Marxus agreed to delete his nation and restart to get us peace. Wasn't long after FAN was rolled and we got a protectorate with GenMay. The FAN rolling was good, in my noobness I was a warmonger, I enjoyed raiding and the likes, but after the FAN incident, I became a moralist, which is more in line with my RL personality, it matured me quickly. I remember coming home from school one day and checking the forums and seeing that we would be cancelling on GenMay and declaring war on the GOONS. I cannot for the live of me remember my personal reaction, but I know I went with in IC, it was my leaders decision and I would go with it for that reason alone. As MoFA though it was surely a challenge. We did enjoy attacking GOONS though, we hated them and NPO strongly from GW2 and to this day I still hate GOONS and NPO for the most part, although I know it is quite silly to do so. I went to NPO, in my mind it would be kind of fun to use someone we didn't like to our advantage. I suppose it stopped us from getting rolled. Over the next year or so we remained active on the forums, but few people did anything game related. This turned out to be a good thing, I became a jack of all trades because of it, frustrating at the time though. I learned that Marxus was going to step down and name his RL friend leader. Oh how enraged I became hearing this would go down. How could he pick his inactive friend over me? My RL ego had arrived in CN. My good lady friend Cosmos suggested I start an alliance. I talked to a few of my friends, Wappas and Master Conservative were the main ones, and we set it all up. Between 12-15 members joined in. The Immortals were born. Oh how wonderful things were. My ego was satisfied with the power and as the months went on we grew and grew and our community too was growing strong. Old TE members will remember Neogandalf, CnG members will remember Choader, NPO and maroon will remember DirtDiver. We were all tight, a bond beyond words. It was easily the best period of the game I ever had. Inactivity started to set in across the alliance though and I got slammed with RL problems. It is funny, we felt 30-50 posts a day was inactive. I merged them into TCU. We had a bitter hatred for The Mafia. We left on good terms, I tried to keep them united, but they fractured. In an embassy visit one day i was flamed, I demanded something be done, nothing was and it all began. They were trolled on my forums, any TI member that wanted to quit, we sent to rogue them. We had admin access to their forums for a bit and gave ourselves gov access. We actually got an interesting screenshot that gave us the opinion they were spying on Sparta, but without IPs Sparta did nothing. The hatred was quite extreme and I worked to keep them isolated. So The Immortals were gone. Wappas was going to quit and go rogue on The Mafia. Being such good friends I went with him. We were quickly joined by Allied Threat and grandxanth, great friends from CSN. Needless to say we gangbanged The Mafia. We washed our hands and joined MA to try to save them from certain death. That is where we say true inactivity and we wondered what we had done to The Immortals, our activity standards were just too high I suppose. We were in MA for a month roughly, Wappas and I had the fire burning again, we joined CSN for a month with the intent of starting Legacy. We gathered the old crew, Sammyk came along and decided it would be a good place for Iunctus as well and we were off, not without controversy, TCU felt we poached members from them, they didnt do anything about it. We started off around 1.2 million, this was in August, and by Jan we had something over 4 million, 4.5 maybe? We absorbed a few people, added old friends, recruited a lot of smaller nations and built them up and got some bigger nations as well. The CSN-DT !@#$ happened and we all know that story. Months later we had some big government changes and we knew the FA result of that as well. An interesting 6 months that is for sure. At the end of it all though, I knew something had changed. My decision making wasnt strong and quick, nor was it accepted by everyone. I had never done such a radical move FA wise either. Something was changing. Fast foward to now and we are rather inactive(by new standards, not by TI standards) and I have had enough of CN. It is dying, most of my friends are gone or inactive. It seems sad, but I always told myself I would do my best to outlast many of my members, as a leader I felt I should stay with them as long as I could. Something had changed in my head though, the moralist was gone and I was always talking about how to change the game, how to bring chaos, among other things. It wasn't me. I've frustrated many people with my collecting and paying bills everyday and I'm not doing that anymore either. Everything I was known for I was no longer doing.[/spoiler] I guess I should get the shout out parts out. Gotta condense this !@#$ down into groups best I can. Immortals/Legacy - Everyone involved I hold near to my heart. You guys were a blast and we have formed some lasting friendships. VE once asked if Legacy was a cult following of Sarm, it was an interesting take, I'm not sure if Legacy was, but TI sure was. It was this "cult" that is leading some of you to delete along with me. It is kinda cool some of you would rather not go on. We had an enormous amount of fun and I wouldn't of changed anything (maybe the activity towards the end ). I served you the best I could and I hope I am forgiven for any problem we might of had along the way. It was an honor to lead you and an honor to call you friends. If you ever need anything do not hesitate to shoot me an email. May our paths cross again some day. #hb - You all know who you are (not just the hb members). !@#$ we have fun and I dont see it stopping anytime soon. Special thanks to Jache and Torch for being on the receiving end of my attacks. Pennifer stay away from my fox >:| and last but not least: <&Jache> I fap to you joining HB #nnk - Ora, Pika, Flikr, Sighet, and I GUESS Itsuki. You guys are a weird breed that is for sure. Personalities I dont think that could be duplicated. You guys are a key reason I'll remain on irc Chocobo/Pokey/Moose - You guys are grouped for obvious reasons. Known each other a long ass time. You are a lot like me, you know when to be goofy and when to be serious. Makes for a lot of fun and a lot of good conversations. I still do not support seabirds or seabears! Blanding - Don't stop with the kitty gifs! Swatch - stop that! Razor - Our story is weird as !@#$, if I didnt know any better I'd call you a stalker. Shame we started off via me kicking you out of mafia tho DT/NoR - Appreciate what you guys did. Shows that old friendships still pay off. You guys were great allies and showed me things hadn't changed as much as I thought. Special shout out for myworld and supa for being such long time friends. Auinur still sucks, TiTaN too...maybe bob, but he just helped me do something as I'm typing this so he's good in my book. NSO/Combine - Never in the million years thought we'd be allied, but it was awesome and you guys are amazing. Sometimes I think Rayvon is my IC twin. Dilber, you are one of my oldest friends anymore, odd how it all worked out. Joe Stupid, I know there had to be atleast one cool philly bro around here. CreativeName - The Game Bambi - [img]http://cdn.srslycute.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/cat-kitten-deer-In-the-Grass.jpg[/img] [spoiler][img]http://chzmemebase.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/internet-memes-oh-deer.jpg[/img][/spoiler] Old CSN buds - 90% of you are gone, but it was a pleasure getting to knwo and being friends with you all. SOM, I still consider you one of my besties when all is said and done. Been through a lot bro. AT - If I had to pick one person in this game that I considered my best friend it would be you. We been through a lot of !@#$ man. Maybe one day the light shall guide us together again. Cosmos - I wasnt going to give anyone from TI/Legacy their own shout out, too many people, but you, you are special indeed. You hatched the idea of starting TI. You did all our coding, made our forums look great, and fixed !@#$ I blew up. Most importantly, you played the anti-sarm role. I always felt our intense and playful battles fueled the forums. From battles to jokes to forum religions, we did a lot. Of course, me being the son of god, the best sided with me and you really took the tough love and stuff really well. I dont recall you ever having a problem with someone on the forums, maybe Razor in mafia, but I hope I took care of things quickly and to your desire. I love you to death Cosmic Avenger To all those who I have wronged/hate me/I've pissed off: Nothing personal, it's just a game, hope we all realize that. Finally, 2 or so years of ranting about quitting during my down points and making everyone put up with that...I shall depart. Signed, Sarmatian Empire, Emperor of The Immortals, Lord of Legacy, The Chosen One The End ?
  5. [center][img]http://i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd135/wappas/LEGACY2.png[/img][/center] Oh the smell of war is in the air. We remember such a smell, but the smell has lost its luster over the years. Many things have lost their luster in fact. I'll be honest, I didn't prepare anything for this. I kinda just thought I'd go with what came to mind at the time. My mind is kinda blank... Two years ago Wappas and I set out to reboot our time in CN and rebuild our community. Sammyk joined in in our idea and the three of us formed Legacy, a blend of ex Immortals and Iunctus members. I don't remember how many members, around 1.2 - 1.5 million NS. We added friends from all over quickly, it really blurred the line of our starting NS and what we obtained, it was nice though, our community was booming. Old friendships re-kindled and new friendships formed with new friends, like those from NooN. Six months later the activity started to drop again. We shuffled the government, adopted a new charter, made a drastic FA move, and absorbed THL. Activity came back to most, but it didn't last. The past few months we've seen things grow worse. Then the final nail in the coffin, my decision to depart. They say it takes a real man to know when to throw in the towel...I'm sure that depends on who you ask, but regardless the decision is a very hard one to make. Even in it's inactivity we've all struggled to accept this fate, but inside we know our community is gone, none of this silliness is on their mind any longer. It shall take us a few days to vacant the AA, decisions need to be made and such as to where to go, most will go out to our allies, others will venture out. We'll probably see a sudden drop and then a slow bleed, but that is ok. The Legacy AA is hereby protected by The Dark Templar, House Baratheon, and The Combine. We appreciate their help in this matter. Our protectorate UCoN will be under the protection of DT for at least the next two months. We'd like to thank anyone who has ever been on our AA and all of our allies, past and present. Legacy is hereby disbanded. Signed, Sarmatian Empire, Lord of Legacy A final cake for you all: [img]http://media.cakecentral.com/modules/coppermine/albums/userpics/44535/600-BookCake.JPG[/img]
  6. [quote name='Mogar' timestamp='1340210820' post='2990127'] >implying that a coalition isn't responsible for the actions of individual alliances. you can't sit there and honestly say you'd be happy with the people who said "oh we'll give you peace" knowing full well you'll be attacked again within 24 hours. edit: OOC: Hal, did you really need to godwin the thread? [/quote] False, it was longer than 24 hours later. I dont know why so many people who had nothing to do with the situation are talking about it, but I'll address some of your points. [quote name='SpacingOutMan' timestamp='1340213104' post='2990203'] I'm not sure why. Everyone and their brother knew CSN was going to fight DT, especially given that I [i]publicly[/i] stated DT would get its war soon enough (obviously there were complications on the front). To my knowledge, DT was going to preempt us either the same night as DH or the following night. Whether or not DH was aware of this I can't say, but I'm not sure why DT would be, of all people, the ones to get chewed out when they were really the only ones who had any justifiable reason to preempt CSN in the first place. [/quote] SOM is still a smart man. It was well known for months in our circles that it would at least by DT/Legacy going against CSN in some way or another. I don't remember RoK being part of the equation until during the war, or atleast the beginning of it. I don't recall us having a set day when we were going to attack, but that isn't to say it wouldn't of been something where we officially decided the day before or something. I would think DH knew what we were going to do, but didn't know when, cuz as I just said, I don't recall us knowing. [quote name='Exige' timestamp='1340215333' post='2990281'] I wouldn't be so sure that MK knew that CSN would get hit the next day. I was in NoR at that time and I can tell you that Mj didn't knew that DH would declare on CSN [/quote] Truth and truth. For the latter point, I doubt Mj knew, we were raging pretty hard that day. For the former point, MK couldn't of known, because we didn't know. After DH attacked we had resigned ourselves to helping someone out in some light duty affair. We gotta remember, DH peaced out on the 8th, we went in on the 10th, we had some time in between. For the duration of the war, and a bit afterwards we thought we were on assistance duty and we looked for a way in, and when I say we I mean I didn't do !@#$. The 9th rolls around and I have a run in with Rota, she talks her normal !@#$ and gets my rage going. I'm sure SOM will vouch that when someone flips my switch I'm in full rage mode. So I run to DT wanting heads on poles and such, my gov gets pissed off because of this as well. We agreed that DT would see if we were needed elsewhere. The 10th rolls around and we green light Sandlot. If anyone remembers we didn't have a terribly awesome blitz, mostly because we made the decision a few hours before update, in fact, I don't think RoK was involved much at all in the blitz iirc.
  7. [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1340235136' post='2990741'] Unless both agreed to stay in the winning side and let the others HB allies burn, one of them will be screwed when the other don't fulfill their obligations. Yeah I said you don't need to treaty your friends to show that you are friends, I also said that some principles that I base my views are loyalty, honor and commitment(to my allies). Yet I fail to see how this is a turn around or the sooner contradict the later. I love the "You don't know how X alliance works therefore you don't know what you're talking about." arguments like if your alliances were unique and special(hint: they aren't). [/quote] Truly a lost cause, no need to reply bud
  8. [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1340200427' post='2989993'] When you sign a treaty based in friendship and disregard the political consequences of said treaty you are not helping your friends you are just going to put them in a hard position lately. Everyone says that they alliance or they allies will know to handle things but when times comes they just screw everything. [/quote] Who is to say both parties dont know of what they have done and agreed on certain actions if certain scenerios play out? [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1340200427' post='2989993'] The principles that I base my views are loyalty, honor, justice, morality and commitment. If you and your allies aren't aligned with one of said principles then you will hear my criticisms, but don't worry! It means that you and your allies are in the right road since opportunism, cowardice and the greed for power above everything(including allies) are the recipe for success on cyberverse nowadays. If HB is wanting to change sides, abandon allies and escape from a curbstomp in the near future like your alliance did in past(See? I can attack your AA too and with much more embarrassing facts) then they chose the best bloc around to treaty and achieve their objective. [/quote] You were just talking about how you dont need to treaty your friends and then you turn around and talk about loyalty, honor, and commitment? Who needs enemies with friends like you? Your assumptions about objectives is also laughable. Unless you are in an alliance you can never know of what their objectives are, you just make dumbass assumptions
  9. [quote name='D34th' timestamp='1340159666' post='2989584'] Then they are doing it wrong, you don't need a treaty to show with who you are friend and sign one just to show it when clearly it has a great potential to create conflict with your others treaties they currently have is stupid, mainly and specially after CnG shows how they treat their allies who found themselves not aligned with MK plans. [OOC]This is not a friendship simulator, if they want base things on friendship better go somewhere else, may be facebook or google plus.[/OOC] [/quote] [OOC]Don't know if you noticed bro, but this isnt a politics or a treaty simulator either, it is a nation simulator. Politics, treaties, friendships, and rivalries come as a consequence to it being a nation simulator. [/OOC] I feel ya though, you were in polar for so long you must of forgot how it feels to make friends and !@#$. I also totally agree with you. I dont know why anyone would want to treaty their friends, I personally hate helping my friends. HB is pretty chill and relaxed bro, I can say with great confidence that they can handle a conflict,if one were to arise. Also a big shout out to the closed minded approach of: if it doesn't align with what I believe then it's wrong! It's taken you really far.
  10. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS MADNESS? This picture doesnt even make sense! Is Bambi in GATO now? Did I authorize the use of a Bambi & Sarm picture? I certainly did not! [quote]After everything people still sign treaties with CnG. Because this type of thing cyberverse's future is dark and full of imbeciles.[/quote] I'm gonna take a HUGE shot in the dark here, like this might be the boldest statement I've ever made, but maybe, JUST MAYBE, HB signs treaties with friends, instead of making them for political reasons? And maybe, JUST MAYBE, the ties between the old CSN and GATO are still alive? I know I'm talking out my ass here
  11. You have no reason not to quit bro. It is good for you
  12. Best of luck in life and such
  13. [quote name='SpacingOutMan' timestamp='1339273277' post='2979960'] Legalese is a dead art in CN. People will interpret treaties however they deem best at the time. [/quote] Pretty much this ^. The new art is ignoring whatever treaty makes the most sense to you and your side of the conflict
  14. [quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1339255598' post='2979873'] Isolate themselves? Does that question even make sense? They could isolate "themselves" from Fark? But isnt that kinda the point? [/quote] [img]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_gWQaU40PH24/TSOSVuF5fvI/AAAAAAAAKBo/FzxUm6ozKNo/s1600/facepalm111.jpg[/img] I give up, you only see what you want to see, keep them blinders on, youll go far
  15. [quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1339255270' post='2979869'] Please intrigue me by telling me who's your followers. Last time I checked, Active members were jumping off the Helghan AA and it was falling apart. If you need my recruiting guide, feel free to ask. Bullying? I call it sticking together. You thought Super Friends was a title? They stick together, if you mess with one of them. You mess with all of them. I could only hope that's a friendship I'd have in the future. Please name an alliance that would do that for Legacy? [/quote] I would hope my allies are mature enough not to throw a hissy fit if one of my allies cancelled on me. That is politically silly and a good way to isolate yourself
  16. [quote name='Rotavele' timestamp='1339254849' post='2979864'] Not if there's a non-chaining clause (Pun intended) Fortunately, Despite these political dramas... I doubt Fark would stab CSN in the back after fighting beside them in the last war. More than I could say for Legacy in CSN/DT drama though. [/quote] It seems that FARK wanted to cancel on one alliance in SF and SF's response was a mass cancellation on FARK. I'd say that is borderline bullying. I wouldnt call that stabbing in the back, but getting what you deserve.
  17. lolololol This is pretty good, sure hope FARK would do something about this =\
  18. You'll probably never find a place you truly like. A lot like me, I find an alliance, I join it, I enjoy it, then my mind decides this is not good anymore and I nit pick at the stupid little !@#$ until I blow up and leave. You just do it in a lot quicker intervals and your more vocal on owf than I ever was. I've done it a few times and my answer was leading an alliance. I molded it into what I wanted and I was encouraged to do so by a lot of loyal friends who followed me. It is a little bit different to do that now because of the status of the game though.
  19. [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1338929790' post='2977798'] Absorbing a small alliance? I don't really know. Worst case scenario in terms of this is Rotavele hops again. It doesn't really change any other dynamics. [/quote] Hey I need a chair in my room, but I'm not gonna bring a trash can in and sit on it
  20. [quote name='IYIyTh' timestamp='1338640393' post='2976095'] The sad thing is Starfox has been reduced to arguing with Rey the Great. [/quote] There are few of quality to argue with around here
  21. Two pages in and no good hatred yet? Even the sure things are disappearing, soon we'll be drama free! I am glad my campaign against AuiNur has finally paid off
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