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  1. These shallow graves really suck. Just passing by, unless you can convince me otherwise.
  2. We should give you credit for facing the audience this time.
  3. xoindotnler

    The 'C' word

    i got 99 problems but bowl/kidney cancer ain't one. Went for other bowl related problems after the general practitioner didn't know if it was the kidney that wanted to kill me or that the pipes were clogged. The blood was fine and the rest was fine (ultrasound showed no baby, would have loved being the first male giving birth but oh well) and after some nagging they gave the good stuff to get the pipes working again (this was at the point that just sitting or laying down completely exhausted me and when it was so white that there were some confused identity problems with printer paper).
  4. Repost from way back, but still a important subject. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/81111-obms-annual-check-your-nuts-thread/#entry2189631
  5. That a recent change, its a bit hard to predict that a site goes belly up years later.
  6. Sweet is admin going to pay the bill for it? You can also do some scary !@#$ with admin access.
  7. This are my pixels. There are many like it, but these ones are mine.
  8. At this point they should give us old people walking canes.
  9. Yeah use almost nothing these days, when idle, not when its going 100% for a few days which is exactly what this does. Then you start to notice that the person paying the bills start sweating. My Q6600 from around 2006 still usages as much power as a modern i5/7 when stressed.
  10. I don't think people are interested in a spike in their electricity bills.
  11. It can even double as a heater when winter finally comes!
  12. Skip 1.5 bourgeoisie days of Starbucks and you have the bourgeoisie amount need to bourgeoisie the game bourgeoisie bourgeoisie bourgeoisie.
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