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  1. These shallow graves really suck. Just passing by, unless you can convince me otherwise.
  2. Almost like how I do it, I throw it behind me and charge in backwards.
  3. You've made your bed, now fucking lie in it.
  4. We should give you credit for facing the audience this time.
  5. Nah you can go to http://www.ask8ball.net/ put in "You'll be back." and see it return just that every time.
  6. 7 years (10/22/2007 12:16:34 PM (2,802 days old)) is enough. Grievances have been given to the upper management and seems like little is happening, oh well expected nothing got nothing. This is just a notice for the few (read: nobody) that care or later wonder where I went. Feel free to give a shout out to yourself while your here. Have a nice day.
  7. That would be hailing announcements, this is just people not wanting to admit that they might be wrong then don't give a shit and just keep shit posting till they can have the last word.
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