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  1. xoindotnler

    Anyone around from the Old Days?

    These shallow graves really suck. Just passing by, unless you can convince me otherwise.
  2. xoindotnler

    SNX war statistics

    Almost like how I do it, I throw it behind me and charge in backwards.
  3. xoindotnler

    Announcement from GATO, TSC, and Atlas.

    I should run for this shit so all of you can shut up.
  4. xoindotnler

    It's Arrived

    You've made your bed, now fucking lie in it.
  5. xoindotnler

    A Message to CN

    We should give you credit for facing the audience this time.
  6. xoindotnler

    83 Days of Independent

    Nah you can go to http://www.ask8ball.net/ put in "You'll be back." and see it return just that every time.
  7. xoindotnler

    83 Days of Independent

  8. xoindotnler

    83 Days of Independent

      7 years (10/22/2007 12:16:34 PM (2,802 days old)) is enough. Grievances have been given to the upper management and seems like little is happening, oh well expected nothing got nothing.   This is just a notice for the few (read: nobody) that care or later wonder where I went. Feel free to give a shout out to yourself while your here.   Have a nice day.  
  9. xoindotnler

    Most epic forum signature

      I win.
  10. xoindotnler

    Libertarian Party of Cybernations

    That would be hailing announcements, this is just people not wanting to admit that they might be wrong then don't give a shit and just keep shit posting till they can have the last word.
  11. xoindotnler

    A now a word from the militia

    At least pick something with style.
  12. xoindotnler

    Limitless Nexus Announcement

    Fucking hell someone had a easy hole in one but got cocky and launched the ball into space.