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  1. Fighting on both sides of the war is something only RIA can do.
  2. More fun that way. And also berbers. Definitely berbers.
  3. The ampersand ban. The very bane of our existence.
  4. Fair enough, or well it could be if the situations were comparable. We're not even an hour into fighting. And so far there's a bit of a crunch for slot availability. Although I suppose I should be reasonable. Yeru's 8k infra tech selling nation is in a tough warring spot, and that's a pretty understandable nation to move into PM to avoid unnecessary damage.
  5. This is dumb. TOP privately thinking Sparta's a sack of morons wouldn't surprise me really, but you're ridiculous if you're gonna paint Polar as anything but wholly supportive of their blocmate. Not to mention the rest of the ignorance found here. Sheesh.
  6. I found three nice targets in TOP and that's good enough for me.
  7. Can we change it to your avatar instead. Or at least not kata's.
  8. You should have done this. Would've made literally everybody happy.
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