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  1. Until I noticed less than 3,000 nations still exist.
  2. So, um, it sounds like this is a bad time to come back after a 7 year hiatus? EDIT: Holy hell, DT is still around and we're a sanctioned alliance now!
  3. MaGneT

    Why is it that...

    You're really the only person I respect enough to answer here. I'm not dumb enough to be blind to DH's political objectives. That's why I'm amused by the fact that despite what I know to be poor judgment, for some reason I can't help but like them. Perhaps flak attack is right. They've just got style. Now, it's a crass, angst-ridden-teenagers bent on world domination kind of style, but let's be real here. That's actually hard to dislike. (at least for me)
  4. MaGneT

    Why is it that...

    Doomhouse can act like complete asses, force the people who I wanted to fight out of the war and be downright arrogant at times... ... but for some reason I can't help but like them.
  5. You're so right here, Magicman, and I endorsed your proposal. Jerdge has a good one too. I think the most sleek way of doing it would be assigning every nation 4 resources when they start and allowing them to pick any 2 as "in-use". You can change your "in-use" resources once every 3 days, like religion and government. The improvement and wonder Jerdge proposed should also add 1 resource slot to each nation. That would give each nation 6 resources (but still only able to use two) and allow groups of nations to actively organize their own trade circles. A group of 5 nations can, theoretically, organize their trades perfectly for maximum growth. It doesn't make sense that a very developed nation that spans thousands of miles should only have native access to two resources. The larger the nation is, the more likely it is to contain more than two natural resources. The more advanced it is, the more likely it is to be able to take advantage of those resources. Active players who organize their trades with others will be rewarded by this, while those who choose to ignore trades will stagnate in comparison. That's a huge improvement from the currently random system.
  6. As a Giants fan, aside from the obvious pain I feel seeing the Eagles do well, it's a stark contrast to our abysmal off-season. I guess I'll be rooting for the Jets this year.
  7. To clarify, I'm not whining and I'll be here until an hour after the server turns off, even if the Suggestion Box remains completely ignored until that day. That being said, I think that growth in CN could be enhanced. I said it before and I'll say it again - growing is boring. There is very little differentiation in the process for a mature nation. Pay bills for 20 days, buy a ton of infra/land, collect taxes. While you're at it, toss out 3mil to a bunch of little guys, get 50 tech in the mail 10 days later and another 50 tech 10 days after that. Rinse and repeat. Now, as I said, this is good enough and I'll keep doing it contently. That's good and jolly, but the aid system could be far more interesting. I'm tossing a bunch of ideas around in my head as I pace around my room here. What sticks out most is applying something of a light-speed principle to aid. Of course, c needs to vary for each nation, otherwise we'll just have an aid cap that can't be reasonably reached. So, what do we change? First, we would need a fundamental overhaul of how aid slots actually function. Forget the aid slots that take 10 days to expire. I say make them expire based on how much is sent. There shouldn't be a baseline of 3mil = 10 days and every additional 3mil is another 10 days, or something like that. Instead, base it on the nation that is sending the aid. Make a formula (with some sort of exponent involved, of course) that incorporates tech, land and infra into the mix. I'd also suggest that it favors infra, because ever since the tech bonus was uncapped, infrastructure has become but a showpiece. Essentially, the function would be that a larger nation would be able to send out more aid more quickly. So, a big guy might be able to toss 500mil in the amount of time I can toss out 50mil. It should be slightly more complex than 10x the size = 10x the rate, though. If a nation has 5k infra and 10k tech, I'd say that his aid should go more slowly than a nation with 10k infra and 5k tech. Why? Well, many of you would argue that if a nation is more technologically advanced, it'd be able to send out aid more quickly. But considering that the technology for foreign aid is given to all nations via the fact that a 0 tech nation can send aid, I'd say that's silly. A higher tech level should give you a benefit, but infra:tech ratio should be chief. So, what remains is the infrastructure necessary to distribute that aid and the land mass that the aid is taken from. I'm not sure if land should have any effect, but if you are considering this, keep it in mind. We should also toss some other variables into the mix. Make a Foreign Aid Commission speed the rate that a nation can process its aid as a replacement to the +50% bonus to aid. Add Cargo Ships as naval vessels to do the same. Perhaps add Cargo Ports as improvements and if a receiving nation has them, they reduce the processing time. A big snag many of you might be thinking is "well what about those huge nations who will just send out 1bil and get 30,000 tech in return?" Okay, so let's say it takes them X days to clear that outgoing 1bil slot. It'd take a whole lot longer for that little guy to clear is 30,000 tech slot. Well, the next obvious argument is "it will take X days for a lot of nations to acquire 75% of the largest nation on Bob's tech, you don't have to worry about the little guy even sticking around for a day after he sends out that 30k tech." You're absolutely right if you thought that. So what do we do about that? Pretty simple. For cash in an aid deal, it can all be there the day that it is accepted. This makes sense both realistically and in gameplay. Obviously, nowadays, you can wire billions in a moment. That'd be consistent. Gameplay-wise, cash aid is often used for instant purposes, as in the case of an impending war. Tech, however, if viewed as computers and stuff, needs to be shipped. Gameplay-wise, it isn't used for quick, pre-war aid, but instead for slow growth. I'd recommend making tech added to a nation at the end of an aid slot's duration. I'd also recommend making aid slots containing tech only able to stay open if the nation sending it regularly pays their bills. This will discourage people from making these huge purchases from undedicated newbies or their buddy who they called up to make a dummy nation to help inflate their own. It will raise the value of the active tech seller vastly, as those who can be trusted will be swamped with massive deals. I think it's a pretty good though primitive idea. Any feedback/thoughts? I obviously need to refine it, but I figure I may as well not go further because I think I got the gist across and I want to hear any criticism y'all have.
  8. Lately there have been a lot of moans and groans among the community about how CN's player population is now well below 20,000. A lot of people are talking about how the next war is "the last war" and the game is dying. That's silly. CN, as a game and as a community, is still going strong. The political landscape of alliances is constantly changing and I think that I'm more engaged than I have been since the months leading up to Karma. That being said, I understand their complaints. We are facing a dwindling population and the gameplay has remained stagnant for quite some time. The way I see it, there are three distinct camps on this issue. First, we have the people who think that Admin is letting the game die, everything is coming to an end no matter what we do and that things are so boring. Next, we have the people who claim that there is nothing wrong as most of the people who have left were not major political contributors anyway. These are primarily the folks that say that talking about the decline of CN is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Lastly, we have the folks who see flaws and propose them and the other two camps shoot down the proposals. Everyone is a little bit right here and the only proper way to move forward is to analyze why everyone is upset. After every major war, there is a lull in the action. People complain about a lack of drama as the main parties of the previous war lick their wounds. Political maneuvering gets done, but it is usually nothing like the rapid treaty action in the immediate buildup before a war. It's the calm after the storm. During wars, there is a lot of in-game action as well as a lot of forum-based political maneuvering. The difference here is in-game action. The problem is, during peacetime, the only in-game way that a single player can affect anything is by growing. You can make friends by being a diplomat or argue on the OWF to make a political impact, but the only thing you are doing as the ruler of your nation is pay bills, buy infra, collect and tech deal. The obvious issue here is growth - not necessarily growth itself, but the process of doing so. Many people see the problem as being that it takes far too long to grow back in between wars, so the action is more segmented and further apart. I disagree, I think that just making the intervals between the hands-on part of the game shorter will not solve people's discontent. Instead, I'd suggest making growing a more hands-on process. Infrastructure is not my primary concern, there is a very good suggestion out there to make rebuilding infra easier and that's a step in the right direction. I think we should focus on international commerce. Let's start with aid slots. A lot of us have toyed with the idea of uncapping foreign aid. $3,000,000 - heck, even $4,500,000 - is nothing to a nation that has existed for more than a year, 50 tech is insignificant in a world with nations that have over 10,000 tech and 2,000 soldiers won't help a nation above 10k NS. Some have said this takes skill, because you need to manage your aid slots more wisely and you can't drop x-hundred million bucks on a new guy and suddenly make him huge. Understandable objections, but they just don't hold up. This reminds me a lot of when I used to play Starcraft. You were only able to control 12 units at a time and many of us were under the impression that it took a lot of skill to be able to manage a very large army. While that's true, as it forced you to perform a difficult task and certain nuances allowed the player to excel at moving a large army, it turned out to be very limiting. When Starcraft II was released, you were able to control as large a group as you could find to select. It reduced the amount of mindless clicking and allowed me to focus more on strategy. It also enabled me to do more interesting and complex things with my troops, because I didn't have to worry about managing 72 units in 6 different sections. Uncapping aid alone would reestablish the importance of bank nations. It would revolutionize tech dealing and growth. It'd be the first in a few steps to add more commerce to the game, but I say it's long since necessary. If enough of us think this is right, we could put a decent and intelligent suggestion together and hopefully Admin and the mods will see where we're coming from. Thoughts?
  9. I think honesty and just saying "we hate you, so we're fighting you" works much better. No sense looking for moral superiority in some falsely perceived slight when you can just have the truest moral superiority of all by being up front.
  10. Damn right. I hope that Casey Anthony sues Nancy Grace for libel or slander... I'm no legal expert but I just hate Nancy Grace.
  11. Oh, lord. That's too funny. Delusions of grandeur, eh? Nothing new, though.
  12. Meh, I don't mind LeBron. That being said, people are already making hysterical shirts and whatnot about it. Gotta say, every time I see that pic of his face I crack up.
  13. MaGneT

    That Podcast Idea

    For the 5 to 10 of you who were actually interested in listening to the Podcast I was going to make on here, I'm sorry that I haven't gotten to it yet. I've had midterms and I have lots of papers due this week, so I'm pretty much swamped with schoolwork. I'll try to find time to get it done at some point . . . should be fun when I get to it, I hope. -Mag
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