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  1. Until I noticed less than 3,000 nations still exist.
  2. So, um, it sounds like this is a bad time to come back after a 7 year hiatus? EDIT: Holy hell, DT is still around and we're a sanctioned alliance now!
  3. [quote name='Aeternos Astramora' timestamp='1342066708' post='3008843'] Nope, all part of PF's plan to roll DT and AZTEC. I'm looking at you, Auctor. [/quote] Wrong. [s]It's all part of my plan to get you to think that you have a plan that Auctor says that he has and meanwhile all of the plans are just [/s] Hi everyone. If someone attacks DT, please make sure you have someone who isn't boring attack me. I'm around 50k NS, so you can keep this in mind when you make your lists.
  4. [quote name='Ironfist' timestamp='1339214647' post='2979692'] Quick everyone, a thread about CN. Let's be sarcastic and hate on a game we've been playing for 6 years now. [/quote] To be fair, anyone who is complaining and has been around that long isn't hating, they're just trying to improve (and not lose) a game that's become part of their life.
  5. [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1338417258' post='2974765'] I was actually kind of surprised at MaGneT's thread since he said he was against the reps. I wonder if it was a widespread sentiment in DT that led to this. [/quote] I'm not sure if it was, I don't know if anyone other than me would have lobbied for this, and I sure as hell didn't. I still haven't logged in to the new forums, nor have I been on IRC in months, so this couldn't have come from anything I've done. That being said, good to see that we're doing sensible things. Also, hi guys
  6. [quote name='Dochartaigh' timestamp='1338295064' post='2974030'] The problem is is that there is no real boogeyman like when NPO played the boogeyman. MK/DH have tried but they have not truly managed to pull it off. When they did just randomly attack alliances, it was NPO or some other alliance(s) that was in fad to be hated. NPO committed attacks against CIS, VE, and GPA when all three of those were not that hated. Hell, even GGA managed to pull off being a boogeyman better than MK/DH have. [/quote] Hey, old friend. The old times of NPO vs. anti-NPO were good, not because we had poles on
  7. [quote name='Hereno' timestamp='1338264003' post='2973936'] I agree with everything you've said but I'd rather see a list of practical solutions than a list of problems. [/quote] Well, I wanted to see if anyone thought they were even problems, to be honest. Personally, I think they are. I think those 3 things are the reason that I've been inactive for so long - there's nothing to motivate the intrigue, so there is none.
  8. Hi everyone. For those of you who don't know me, I'm one of those old-timers who drifts in and out of activity for whatever reason, but when I'm here, I usually have a lot to say. For those of you who do know me, howdy. I've been watching CN from afar for the past few weeks and I've noticed that while a lot has changed since the last time I regularly checked these boards, just as much remains unchanged. Most notable among the unchanged is the fundamental modus operandi of politicking on CN. Everyone continues to play by, more or less, the same rules. I think the set of unspoken rules that gov
  9. [quote name='Sarmatian Empire' timestamp='1325886178' post='2894294'] Liz paying 2.5k tech was her idea, not ours [/quote] Oh, that makes it all right then.
  10. [quote name='Lord Levistus' timestamp='1325882117' post='2894261'] Meh. I couldn't even trust myself to reply to this last night. To say that Valhalla isn't happy with this would be an understatement. We're willing to be team players for the moment though. [/quote] Welcome to the club...
  11. Not really sure why we took reps, but I guess you can call it justified... whatever. I'll bite my tongue for once.
  12. It's things like this that remind me of why OBR is the best alliance here.
  13. [quote name='NoMercy' timestamp='1324160154' post='2880712'] No, actually it needs a 4 man alliance lead by Vlad. Just saying. [/quote] Oh, come on, let them talk tough. It's really all they have.
  14. [quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1324023907' post='2879739'] This is not the Ritalin you're looking for. [/quote] Hopefully it proves to be a better use of the pent-up angst than the last crusade . . .
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