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  1. Hmnnn...new faces. Shout out to LnK...where is DDL?
  2. Peace, glorious peace. Or something. In any case, everybody worked hard. Everyone is special. Everyone gets to go home. Well, ALMOST everyone...
  3. A couple of things. Hey Myth! It is actually good to see you. Troll away, please! Froth at the mouth! Get your points in and REALLY go for the jugular! C'mon, make it sting! Make me regret our war. Or at least try your best. You have my blessing. I am waiting to be impressed. 3....2....1.....GO! As for Chim in PM...that says more than I ever could about his ability to start something and then sit back and have MI6 pay for it. People can be mad if they want, but MY reason for supporting this is him and what he did on many occasions while MI6 failed to restrain him or nor
  4. This. This is why you rock. I was too busy to post but this deserved my time.
  5. Eff the kids. Gimme all the lunchboxes. Seriously, anyone who has paid half a minutes' attention to how Chim has treated TBC since our forming should have seen this coming. We had no desire to plan an attack on MI6 or it would have happened before the Ides of March. This is all happening because Chim has a certain special set of skills, and those skills result in wars on MI6. The messed up part is that TBC likes 95%+ of MI6, but that per cent remaining kinda runs things, So yeah...I have wanted war in general and when our chance came, it was someone we would enjoy hitting.
  6. News of my demise reached my ears....since I am very much alive I am skeptical of their veracity.
  7. I cannot read this wall of text. I blame Caustic.
  8. Peace in our time. Bravely held PPO. Now get some rest and such.
  9. This is awful to hear. May he rest in peace and may his friends and family be comforted in their mourning.
  10. Thanks for the support everyone! And no...I had no idea what the hell the flag meant.
  11. o/ FARK!! Sending my love and beer to you all. This is gonna be FUN.
  12. Ouch. Good luck to you all. Holler if you need anything.
  13. This makes me very happy. Much respect to 905 and 182.
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