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  1. Well that’s just not true Lost a day or so with poor scheduling, but you’re definitely not hurting in your casualties. TO: Lord Windmark | FROM: Liz Girard TYPE: Nuclear Missile Strike | DATE: 4/3/2019 7:00:24 PM Your nation has been attacked with nuclear weapons in a standard nuclear attack by Liz Girard. You lost 23927 soldiers, 3004 defending tanks, 0 cruise missiles, 47.382 miles of land, 140.522 technology, 421.565 infrastructure, 75% of your aircraft, and 25% of your nuclear vulnerable navy force. In addition to these losses your nation will experience many days of economic devastation.
  2. ...when did we get status updates?

  3. haiiii gummyworm.

  4. Liz is having a birthday? Haaaaappy Biirthday tooo Liiiiiizz!!!

  5. Liz Girard

    Place your bets

    Yes, he is in the process of getting sanctioned. WANA, clearly you are misinformed. I have not stepped down. Jarkko, good thing people actually use their senate seat for its purpose around here o/ Athens o/ CSN ....that is all.
  6. Happy Birthdayyyyyyyy :o

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