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  1. Well that’s just not true Lost a day or so with poor scheduling, but you’re definitely not hurting in your casualties. TO: Lord Windmark | FROM: Liz Girard TYPE: Nuclear Missile Strike | DATE: 4/3/2019 7:00:24 PM Your nation has been attacked with nuclear weapons in a standard nuclear attack by Liz Girard. You lost 23927 soldiers, 3004 defending tanks, 0 cruise missiles, 47.382 miles of land, 140.522 technology, 421.565 infrastructure, 75% of your aircraft, and 25% of your nuclear vulnerable navy force. In addition to these losses your nation will experience many da
  2. ...when did we get status updates?

  3. haiiii gummyworm.

  4. Liz is having a birthday? Haaaaappy Biirthday tooo Liiiiiizz!!!

  5. Liz Girard

    Place your bets

    Yes, he is in the process of getting sanctioned. WANA, clearly you are misinformed. I have not stepped down. Jarkko, good thing people actually use their senate seat for its purpose around here o/ Athens o/ CSN ....that is all.
  6. Happy Birthdayyyyyyyy :o

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