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Recognizing that solely a mutual state of friendship and respect is not condusive to a relationship of the strategic nature of the Ordinance of Chaos; both the New Sith Order and New Pacific Order have mutually decided to nullify the Ordinance of Chaos. [/center]

youwish959 - Sith Emperor
Rayvon - Dark Lord of the Sith
Varianz - Sith Lord
Anthony - Sith Lord
Doppelganger - Sith Lord

Mary the Fantabulous,
Reformed Neutral Menace
Emperor of the New Pacific Order

Brehon of Dinaya,
Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order

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The Sith's relationship with Pacifica has always been a close one. It wasn't an easy decision, but we hope the best for Pacifica on this new path - we'll be seeing you around.

o/ The Sith
o/ Pacifica

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[quote name='Avakael' timestamp='1309503275' post='2745772']
Moldavi Triathlon splits into three events, organizers of individual events unable to decide which one is best. News at 11.
[/quote]You would think belonging to an alliance with the acronym of GOD, that intelligence would fall out of your mouth at least once in awhile, even if by accident. But hey I will keep on believing and you will keep on failing.

Of course when you look at the Orders you are unable to decide which is best and which you should try to emulate, because this is beyond your understanding and scope of ability. A parent may have multiple kids, all with similarities and yet distinct personalities. Does this mean any of them are failures or one better than the other? No. The fact the parent has procreated multiple offspring, all successful in their own right, is a testament to the effort of such parent.

However I understand you may not understand this concept as you have no alliance siblings. Was your creation just an aberration of nature that still exists as a cancer to today's political front? Just my 2 cents ;)

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