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  1. Tell you what, when certain alliance leaders in BFF learn how to use Guerrilla camps during war, then you can start calling out other people for their WCs. This is more specifically a call out on GDA for not entering the war. Makes me sad
  2. Well here's the thing. It's one thing about coming in late It's another thing entirely when it seems like you're not coming in at all, which it seems like at this time. What's taking you guys so long? It's laughable.
  3. MCXA got attacked. Thought I'd let you know. We're waiting.
  4. R3nowned

    NRL Grand Final!

    I'm going for the Warriors just cause they're the underdogs in this match, and the team I support didn't make the finals
  5. That's basically what the Green party is like all over the world. The one here in Australia is probably just as bad, but they do have really smart politicians that know how to sway public opinion, so they got quite a few seats in the senate. I see the Australian left getting creamed in the next election just as bad as the Liberals in this Canadian election.
  6. They deserved the win. Most consistent team of the tournament.
  7. R3nowned

    Its been a year

    I'm the oddest person in CN, and you know it <3 Congrats on this milestone for your nation
  8. Pakistan were playing terrible, but still congrats to India.
  9. Big time. That set the bar pretty high/low depending on how you look at it. Also, shame on you RV for switching sides etc etc.
  10. Glad to see someone from GOONS speaking out about this, especially as that part of the treaty web is notorious for injecting such things into a discussion to kill the debate. Though we are not innocent of it either.
  11. On Paragon's first birthday, there are celebrations, and also my thanks to be given. We would not be here without many people and alliances. If I missed you, forgive me, as there is just so many. -First and foremost, the founders. Those that aren't here today, and those that still are, but floating around in other alliances. This wouldn't have even gotten off the ground if it wasn't for you guys. -Our protectors, first NATO, then FEAR. To both of you: Thank You. I might not have agreed with many of the decisions you've made, and perhaps you may have not agreed with many of the decisions I've made, but through it all, we've stuck together (well, except for NATO, but we still <3 you guys ). -Our allies (in chronological order): The Blood Brothers, World Freedom Federation, Sanitarium, The Nusantara Foreign Legion and of course, Organization XIII. You guys have been great fun to talk to and hang out with. It has made it so much easier to last this long with you guys <3 -Daks: I'm sure we'll continue our late night talks *wink wink* -Liz: I might not agree with your recent actions in CN, but you're a great friend. Thanks for being there. -Calderone/Calzone: Thanks for those temp trades bro -cyrus and the rest of the NEW gang: You guys are always fun to hang out with on IRC. You need to be online more often! -grahamkeately: Thanks for the advice. It was invaluable. For those above and everyone else I talk to on IRC: Thank you. Without you guys, I probably would've given up on Paragon long ago.
  12. If you're not willing to fight for your friends (and their friends), sign an ODP.
  13. R3nowned

    Don't Turtle

    Give me 2 years and I'll be able to face them. Maybe. If there are no wars in between that period. Also, never turtled here. Never seen the point in it.
  14. Most real world treaties have a clause where it outlines scenarios where one will come to the defense of another. This is CN though. The CN equivalent will be abandoning MDP+ treaties for most part (except for alliances you're REALLY close with), and using ODPs as the standard treaty.
  15. There are many different replies here, most of them critical of my stance of being against non-chaining treaties. My general reply to that will be: Sign an ODP with that alliance if you're not willing to sign a chaining MDP.
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