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  1. It's like I tell my guys every year -- okay, just this first year -- boys, go out there and bring home some high level picks. Hoping for a mildly more competitive lineup this year compared to the history lesson I saw when looking at last years games. Definitely a solid season or two or five away from being able to compete without injuries being the reason the team is competitive. But the best part of all of it...is that football is back!
  2. o/ FTW! Hoooowl! Looking forward to seeing what the coming months bring!
  3. o/ to our treaty! My only regret with this treaty is not allowing my soldiers to try to reverse-raid Vespassianus again...since they did so well the first time with giving up all of my land. Maybe now we will do it in celebration!
  4. We would like to extend our obvious apprecation to TORN's ability to post in a thread 7 seconds after it has started. Thank you for the assistance TORN as we get back on our feet.
  5. [center]This announcement serves as a Declaration of Re-Existence for the alliance known as Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics.[/center] [center][img]http://calendar.turetel.com/FEARFlagNT.jpg[/img][/center] [center]A charter and official government will be announced in the coming week. (You didn't really think we would just throw a 50 page document at you in just one announcement did you?)[/center] Our IRC channel is currently #fear and our forums will be announced once they are more finalized. We are looking forward to building our alliance and forging new (and old) friendships ove
  6. The more things change...oh wait...carry on.
  7. [center]A FEAR and Paragon Production [IMG]http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s245/Turetel/fearSmallMobile.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i154.photobucket.com/albums/s245/Turetel/paragonSmallMobile.png[/IMG] [quote] Preamble This document formalizes the military and diplomatic friendship between Paragon and the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics (FEAR) We're chill Neither FEAR nor Paragon shall intentionally put the other party at risk of attack. We shall inform one another if an attack may happen on the other party. We won't hurt each other either. I got your back, you got mine FEAR and
  8. Tonight, I drink my OJ straight -- no chaser. o/ ODN
  9. A combined announcement from FEAR, Paragon, URoN, NEW, and WP: The Last Republic entered this war in defense of their allies in Menotah. They have fought a good fight, and when their leaders came to us a while ago to discuss peace options, peace was granted after a final fireworks display. One week of final battles with 3 top nations leaving PM was decided on. The Last Republic agrees to surrender to the combined forces of FEAR, Paragon, URoN, NEW, and WP. The Last Republic also agrees to not re-enter this conflict. We wish The Last Republic all the best in the future. Signed for The Las
  10. [quote name='Emperor Whimsical' timestamp='1323808999' post='2876878'] Make all the POWS fight each other, thunderdome style. [/quote] I like this suggestion. Winner can get the honor of being tech [s]raided[/s] negative awarded.
  11. You will need to add: BFF PoW and TEAR PoW to the IRON/etc side. Goonies PoW Is the BFF Protectorate Bloc, so those would be added to the IRON/etc side as well.
  12. May we soon be at war with or for each other
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